Destiny - Duke

No way Duke should have won that. Everything went Duke’s way in the last 25 seconds. Fortunately it was not the refs this time.

I don’t know that rebound and put back looked like he got away with a push. But man that last shot was heartbreaking

The great one and done Williamson got by with shoving the UCF guard to the floor. If anything it’s a no call on Fall Williamson went into Fall with his hands straight up. BS. That’s a win for the ref’s.

Fall was in the restricted zone. It was a foul. But I agree I think Zion got away with shouldering the kid to the ground before he went at Fall.

How many of the cheaters are in the sweet 16 so far? Honestly, with the Hogs not in it I hadn’t watched a game .

Sure looked like a push in the back on rebounded missed free throw to me.

It was a push in the back on the put back on the missed free throw. There was also a foul on the drive to the hole on the UCF end that wasn’t called. The refs got the “w”!

I watched the hogs softball game! The hogs ladies basketball game at the some time the hogs baseball game. After that I’ve been flipping too the NCAA tournament action.
I’ll give my take on the number of cheaters left in a little while.

They never call that little push unless the player hits the floor and they are not going to call it in the last minute for sure. As far as Williamson bullying over the little guard, he has been doing that all year and getting away with it. That marker was set early in the season.

I can’t stand Duke…which means they will win it all.

I agree, too much drooling over Zion. Have to let him win one.

BLOCK OUT BLOCK OUT BLOCK OUT OUT BLOCK OUT. BLOCK OUT on that last dadgum free throw and UCF wins the game.

I thought they did block out, kid got shoved

Yep they blocked out, but as said they just don’t call that unless the other guy is thrown to the floor. RJ’s length helped too. Man, RJ has long arms.

You are correct, he is long. Still, those kids from UCF had a good look and then a very good tipin try, both rolled out. I felt for them. What I loved is the crowd got behind them and were giving them everything they needed. I even saw fans in Duke’s colors cheering and clapping for UCF. People love a Cinderella