Despite the few spots left to fill, let's put this class in historical perspective.......................

…this new football staff, in its first full year of recruiting, out performed every other Razorback staff in the last twenty years in recruiting. Hog fans need to stop and think about that…seriously!

They did better than Razorback staffs who just played in the SEC championship game. They did better than staffs who just stomped hated Texass in the Cotton Bowl. They did better than staffs whose teams were top five ranked and played in the Sugar Bowl. They did better than the coaches who beat both Bama, LSU, and Auburn in the previous season. They did it with the worst regular season record in Razorback history. They did it despite a huge losing streak in the SEC. We ran off an 8-4 coach whose Hog team upset no. 1 LSU in his final season, had eight years of horrible to mediocre seasons, and this staff just recruited the highest rated class in the last twenty years despite all of that.

So, why don’t we all just “lighten up a little”, enjoy a totally new experience as Hog fans, and look forward to seeing how well this staff can recruit when it has two years instead of one to build relationships and it has some success on the field to show recruits as well? Makes sense to me. :smiley:

I’m with ya. After the past few years, I will take all the good news I can, and this class is definitely good news.

Good post.
Good luck.

Some will complain always over something, anything.
Not the folks I want to be around on a regular basis.
Life is too short.

I agree as well. Very proud of this class so far!

Could go back 40 years IMO.

I think the complaint window should remain closed for the time being.

Outstanding , post :boar:

Amazing what hard work, organization, creativity, etc. can do for recruiting. I hope this shuts up the folks that made excuses for past failures. If I ever hear “ you can’t recruit to Fayetteville” again I may throw up.

Great job Coach Morris and staff - AMAZING given the wreck you inherited and the lingering effects still felt this year.

Morris has proven it can be done, but that does not prove it is easy or ever could have been easy in the past. You are talking about former National Championship coaches like Ford and coaches who have been very successful at several places like Holtz, Hatfield, and Petrino. There is something exceptional about this head coach and this staff (that did not exist on those other staffs) and I hope and pray he does even better next year.

Incredibly proud of the job Coach Morris and his awesome staff has done on this class so far and it isn’t finished yet! I told a buddy of mine who is an Aubum fan that you can recruit to Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas and you can recruit at a high level with the right guy in place. I have not said anything to him as of yet to remind him of that conversation and will wait until after the class is finished in February to do so. When you are around folks (here in the DFW area) who send their kids up to Fayetteville to go to school their and are shocked and amazed at how beautiful it is and how great the people are you know it can be done for the football team too. Just get them on campus and a lot of times it sells itself. Add to this in that we have incredible facilities that are up there we most everyone else and it is a recipe for success in recruiting with the right leader and staff.

I can’t wait to see what it is like when we start increasing our win totals each year!!! Way to go Coach Morris and staff and a BIG shoutout to all of you…the Razorback fans that let these recruits know how much they are wanted for the Hogs!!!