Is Desi available/healthy for Tuesday’s game at UK?

Muss said Aggies did a favor by not playing, otherwise Desi’s streak of not missing a game would have been broken. I took that to mean he will be ready to go on Tuesday,

Maybe the news at 10 tonight will give us an update. I sure hope Desi is able to play! Maybe J. Williams is feeling better with the bone bruise as well. I’m hoping Moses Moody is able to move freely and with limitation form the ankle he turned in Practice last week. Justin Smith will for than likely continue to need treatment the rest of the season from the surgery he had in January! He came back and played really quick after the surgery.
The waking wounded will be needed for our hogs to have success.

Desi at times has proven to be the spark to ignite a fire on both sides of the ball and we need for that spark to happen early and as often as needed tonight. There’s no doubt that this is a winnable game for the Hogs, but a sluggish start would make things tough. WPS

I agree! I hope Desi plays.

Justin Smith is an ankle, and Jaylin Williams is a knee, ICYMI.

I’ve been called one or two other body parts but never a “knee” or an “ankle”!

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