Desi With 10 Ribbies

Wow…what heart and energy. 2 assists, a block, a steal, 16 points…only 1 TO. Wow.

Yup tough

Must be that work with DHV

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Multisport performer?

Defintely! 15 ribbies will win a lot of games for DVH :wink:

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How close did we get to the 200 assists that Fishback said Muss is looking for every game?

Please eaglehog5 humor me but I’d love for there to be 200 assists per game. I know you meant passes but I’d love to have 400 points plus a game :sunglasses:

I missed that. Did he really say that? That’s hilarious. Did he not correct it to passes?

Fish did not have his best game today. That actually came out of his mouth. I don’t know if he meant to say 20 or what, but he said 200!

I thought the Vandy guy called the game not fish

Edit. Nope it was fish. Not sure what I heard.

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