Desi to Arkansas State

The lengthy delay in AU announcing the Sills signing was pretty telling.

He’s been processed


Wow. Surprised.

What about all that tripe about Auburn and the coach just letting “me be me” and all that kinda crap.

I guess the Auburn bunch was okay with him being him as long as it wasn’t with them.


Here is a little more info on Sills, who signed with Auburn on May 5, including some insight from a Tigers beat writer:

Best interests academically??? At ASWho??? I smell a “we got better people than you and you need to find somewhere else” from BP to Desi.


That’s exactly what happened.


The truth is that he wasn’t going to play much at Auburn. I figured this was where he would wind up.

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Then why would Mr. Ferguson say it was for non-basketball reasons?

To cover Bruce’s posterior.


I agree one hundred percent that Desi was not going to play any more at Auburn than he did the second half of last year, and probably a bit less. What Auburn had coming back, coupled with what they went out and got after Desi signed, made that clear.

Secondly, Desi I believe has two years of eligibility left when you factor in the National Covid Do-Over rule. He may have been told point blank post-signing that Auburn was not going to guarantee him a roster spot for the 22-23 season. So from an “academic” standpoint, if Desi wanted a scholarship for the next two years, he needed to look for a spot where that was more likely to happen.

This is not surprising, really. He is a guy who plays hard, but is small for a 2 guard. He doesn’t handle the ball or pass it well and can’t create his own shot. He is a tough fit for most teams. He would be a really good reserve for most teams, just like he was with Arkansas.

He probably thinks he is a lot better than he really is.

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I’d say that’s probably pretty accurate considering his remarks of being held back, or not being allowed to be me, etc.

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They don’t offer the same degree he had here, and was having trouble getting credits to transfer. Having said that, if he was a 5*, Auburn would have made it work out.


While the departure from Fayetteville was a bit sour, I will remember the tenacity and effort he gave on the court over the words off the court. Good luck Desi.


Bingo. If Pearl wanted him, Pearl would have made it happen.

[quote=“ricepig1, post:15, topic:43088”]
They don’t offer the same degree he had here, and was having trouble getting credits to transfer.

This supports what Scottie reported about non-basketball reasons.

All other explanations seem like would have been the reasons why Auburn would not have wanted him in the first place and not just now, The transfer guards Jasper and Green were already there when Desi transfer to Auburn announcement was made.

Auburn did add KD Johnson after that. If there are basketball reasons as some posters are suggesting, KD is the reason.

But the fact that the official announcement was held all this long, weeks after the KD Johnson announcement, I tend to lean towards non-basketball reasons. There has to be a reason why announcement was held up. I don’t believe it was held up because Bruce and Desi were negotiating PT all this time. Got to be transfer of degree as you posted.

Evidently his degree transfers to ASU but not AU. He majored in recreation and sports management at UA. Here is a link to a similar program at ASU. I checked AU but did not see a degree in either recreation or sports management.

Sport Management (

They offer a grad school minor in sports management,

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