Desi Sills

Saw Desi playing for Kansas State against Kentucky. I didn’t recognize him.

Haircut sure made a difference!

Did we recruit Nowell when he left UALR? He’s really good.

I always liked Desi, he plays with a lot of heart. He and Devo may not show up on a lot of draft boards, but they are competitors.


He could have filled the Chris Lykes role, but I don’t think he would have played the point all that much with the guys in our freshman class.

After Chris Lykes, I don’t think Muss is going to recruit a short guard. Having said that, Nowell is a lot better than Chris. A knockdown three point shooter, unlimited range and a very good handle. He wowed me at UALR.

BTW, UALR starting PG DJ Smith from North Little Rock and second leading scorer Myron Gardner have entered the portal. Ouch! Life of a mid-major coach.

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I never understood why Desi left us. I guess he didn’t think he’d get enough PT if he stayed. Perhaps he was right, but I don’t think Muss encouraged him to leave. He’s been to several schools (well, I don’t guess he actually made it to Auburn). Here, Aswho, now KSU.

Desi left because after his second year with muss his minutes dropped by 30% and he felt he deserved more playing time. He got that at all of those stops you mentioned.

No patch of red dyed hair in front. :wink:

I really hated it when he left Arkansas. Being from Paragould, I sure wanted him to stay a Hog. I was not happy when he came back to ASU. The best thing he did for himself was get away from Jonesboro. It’s worked out well for him. I’m happy for him.


He left primarily, because Devo took his playing time. Loved Desi. Glad to see him doing well. However, I’ll take Devo over Desi any day.

Yes. I remember the way it played out. Arkansas was on a 2 game losing streak, having lost at Alabama and Tennessee by 20 plus and then were down 14 to Auburn at home. Looked like the wheels were coming off. Desi saved the day and Hogs won. Desi was a starter then. Shortly after that Desi got hurt and Devo who was riding the pine until then was inserted in the lineup. Devo played very very well and when Desi came back from injury, he did not get his spot back. Desi did not think that was right.

By the way, Devo’s performance that freshman year earned him preseason all-SEC the following year and he was projected as breakout player of the year. That following year, Devo was up and down during the regular season and never met those expectations. But as he has doing his whole career, Devo shined again in the tournament,