Desi Sills

Looks like he’s leaving? Another very fluid offseason, it seems.

Well, that certainly stinks. I don’t understand this at all.

I have to admit I am surprised too. He had a very solid tournament and it would appear he would get significant PT next year.

Color me stunned

Makes sense for him. He wants more playing time and KK+Notae plus Muss’ preference for tall guards like Tate likely to generate more competition from the portal makes his minutes look less likely next year. He gave Muss a huge hug after the ORU win so I don’t think he is bitter about all of this. JMVHO

Yep. He gone.

Includes some of his thoughts posted to social media:

Good luck Desi and thanks for being a Hog, hope to play your team in the Final Four next season…

I, too, am surprised to see this development.

Managing roster turnover seems to be a Coach Muss specialty. I suppose this will be an immediate opportunity for him to confirm the worth of his new contract.

OK, can I ask here, or do I have to ask my 15-yr old grandson, what does Desi mean by “I am a certified (bucket)”?

All the best to Desi. Looks like a good move for him. He’s a role player here and I suppose he wants more. Hope it works out great for Desi.

One of my favorite Hogs. Hate to see him go. Wish him the best of luck.

St Johns maybe?

You have it wrong. This is what I believe Muss expected and I think he wanted. It was a clear he didn’t have a role for Desi once Devo got going, He is going after Pinson and guards like that. Need Desi’s spot on the roster.

Many point to the fact that Desi got to play in the last two games. But that was only because guards got in foul trouble. Muss said it himself that Desi was next man up when JD got in foul trouble. Clear message to Desi of where he stood.

Let’s see what Ethan wants for his final year.

Desi has one more year to play college ball. He should make a decision to get maximum PT. He is not going to get next year back again.

Correction: Because of COVID, both Desi and Ethan have two more years of college ball.

Means he can score whenever he wants…not sure he’s right about that

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He would play more if he could get an outside shot up more quickly. He was never able to retool the shot.

I wish him the best - he gave his all on the court for us.

The quote about being “held back” was really upsetting for me. Basically throwing shade on Muss.

I loved Desi and I hate he’s leaving. What caused him his spot was Devo. Better ball handler, better defender and eventually he became a better scorer.

I hope Desi lands in a good spot. Small guards that can’t run the point aren’t in high demand right now.


While Sills defense was good in the tournament, and he played hard, there was a qualifier to that-it was good for a guy his size. His defense was not elite, because he just is not that quick-he had the same problem with Baylor’s guards getting by him as the others. He works hard on defense, but there’s a definite ceiling on what he can do on defense based on what God gave him, and it is a lower ceiling than other guards already on the roster and probably one or two more who will be added.

On offense, he never got his always streaky outside shot back. Maybe that was because of the injury. More importantly, while Desi is fearless going to the hole, he is not very successful. He winds up on the floor without a foul call or a bucket- a lot. He also lacks the passing flair that Devo and JD have demonstrated on drives to the bucket.

I hope Desi finds a spot where he can get lots of minutes and have a very successful senior season. He’s always played his heart out for the Hogs.


Not surprised at this. Thanks Desi and all the best to you…

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I hate this. I loved Desi’s hs career, and I loved his Hog career, when he was healthy. heart of a warrior, with good hair and a cool name. Exactly the kind of glue guy that has always been on our best teams.

Wish him the best