Desi Sills

Not sure Desi ever totally healed and know offensively he never seemed to get rolling again, but he was all in during the tournament. He seemed to get his “dog” back.


Desi was a warrior out there.

He fought hard. Real hard.

Desi was a major catalyst for us in the tournament.

He’ll have a great senior year.

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Desi is a warrior. Always has been. I think that bad fall hurt. him in ways we don’t even know. I do know he is just NOW willing to go to the rack with abandon again.

I think he’s a major factor next year.

LOVE Desi Sills.

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Tough as nails. A real junk-yard dog. GRITTY.

Great point keith…Desi is that never quit guy who gives 100% every minute. Love the kids.

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