Desi Sills

3 or 4 turnovers, 0 points, no steals, no rebounds, no free throws. He is hurting us right now. Passed up a wide open 3 because suddenly he has lost confidence.

I think he’s playing like he’s sick. No quickness on his first step.

He’s not sick. He’s stuck in his head. I still remember a game we lost in Barnhill against Auburn because Clint McDaniel played terrible and blamed it on us managers losing his socks. True story.


Dang Jeremy…that’s funny. Loved ole Clint…

Definitely wasn’t funny at the time, LD. It’s crazy how superstitious players are. I called Clint out on it about a year ago, and he admitted that he wasn’t dialed in for that game because we lost his “booties.” You can’t make this stuff up, lol.

Ya Clint was pretty close to my fave of Nolan’s great players.

A lot of Players in all sports are very superstitious and creatures of habit on game day.
Now if in fact you did lose Clint’s socks on game day (his lucky socks he had chosen for whatever reason). It’s quite possible you contributed to Clint’s bad game as his head wasn’t in the game but instead on his lost socks. Lol. Mental.

But I won’t put the home loss to Aub on you or Clint. It takes a complete team to lose a basketball game.

Desi is regressing to his norm. Has overachieved and been over the top inspirational since sometime early last year, but before that he was what we see now.

What I saw the last two games was lack of transition points for the team and Desi. That’s the bread and butter for Desi. He’s going to beat the defense down the foor. But they did not push the ball against Missouri despite getting 21 turnovers. Then Tennessee committed just five turnovers and Arkansas did not get any transition points again. I bet that is what you see different against Georgia. Easy baskets helps your confidence. Desi didn’t get any. And, I thought he went up against two teams set to stop him with great defense. Those might be the best two defensive teams in the league in Missouri and Tennessee.

He has lost confidence. I think he believed that in order to get to play he needed to prove he could score. He did that until the last two games. It was obvious to me a couple of other players were probably told to be more aggressive with ball and take it to the basket more. They looked good doing it. But when Desi does it he usually gets blocked or turns it over. I’m wondering that when the coach talked to him individually he told him things like don’t take the first open shot you get, don’t force things, distribute the ball more. In other words his role was changed. He was not aggressive at all. He wants to score and may have been told to distribute the ball. Bringing in all of these different personalities can make it difficult to get them to accept their role. It appeared before that everyone had the green light to shoot first open shot they got regardless of where it was. I think that was changed. I even thought Moses Moody was less aggressive with the ball. They nearly beat a top ten team on the road so I think you are going to see Desi out, Jackson in and more taking it to the basket to draw fouls and kick outs to the 3 point shooters.

Maybe the adjustment and pressure from best 6th man off the bench last year to a starter and being the team leader role and responsibility is catching up and affecting his play.
Early on the team played better when he was on the court keeping the rest in sync on both ends. As his game went so the team.
Had his 2 worst games in a long time this year and we lost both.

Didn’t see today’s game. How did he look?

Saw some of that spark he can provide on a few occasions. He got on the floor for a loose ball at least once, defensive rebounded fine and was aggressive going to the rim a couple times. Saw some positive flashes but still seemed a bit off to me. He was 2/6 on the interior and hit a 3 in the second half.

I thought he started the road back. He was aggressive. That 3 late in the game I think was important. Sure, there was no real pressure and he was wide open, but it went in. That should help I hope. At least, that is what I told myself when it went in.

Coach said in pregame he’s been sick but not covid related.

That makes sense.

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