Desi Sills

I recall many questioning the wisdom of signing Sills in the class of 2018, since was rated low coming out of Jonesboro. He seemed like another of coach’s projects. He didn’t seem have many offensive skills or excellent ball handling skills. But he showed constant energy and pure competitive spirit, something that only special players had. It was noticeable that he played without fear and when he was on the court, things happened on both ends of the floor.

It is clear now he has turned out to be exactly the player that our staff projected him to be. Something seems missing when he is not on the floor. Hogs started off bad yesterday, but Muss subbed Desi in for Chaney after the first minute and Hogs took off. Desi even drilled a couple of in your face jumpers. He is now matching Jaylen Barford as one of the best finishers at the hoop that we have seen in Razorback basketball.

Desi will get even better next year. I know some much higher rated guards are coming in next year and the current group of guards minus Whitt may still be on the roster. I guarantee you Sills is not one that is going to ride the pine next year.

He plays so hard, is so fearless, he’s a competitor like Corey Beck was. Our football team could have used 20 Desi’s the past four years. Love this young man, he’s exactly the type of player that has made our best teams great.


Seems he constantly gets hammered when he drives inside, but rarely gets a foul called. Got to be frustrating.

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Yes, it seems that way. But I believe most guards drive to the hoop with the primary intent of getting two free throws. Desi goes in there with the intent to score and possible one. He is twisting his body so he can have room to score and as a result sometimes contact doesn’t seem as bad to the refs. Just my opinion.

Still, I don’t think he drives enough. In my opinion, he’s our best ball handler and shooter. I feel he needs a very good offseason to gain further strength, mass, and ball handling skills.

In sum, he ought to be taking a few queues from Whitt’s performance, as well as furthering his own game.

Nevertheless, he had a very nice game yesterday…after becoming the sixth man. (some intestinal fortitude there).

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Desi is a stud. A basketball player that may not have the height, may not have the best shot, may make some mistakes.

But he leaves all he has got on the floor, where he resides a lot.


Yep, sounds a lot like Whitt, to me. (not bad company)

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