Desi Sills

Had one heck of a game today.a look at what is to come…We going to really like this kid before he is through.

Desi had a good game! He needs to take more shots! Once he can stay out of foul trouble look out. The refs were too much to overcome today along with poor movement on offense a crunch time!
Missing free throws when it mattered and Harris wasting a possession with dribble and nothing. Typical for our young hogs.
I hope we have better point guard production next season. ( Scoring ).

We will come to find out that this class of Desi, Isiah, Keyshawn, and Reggie will be exceptional in the future. Had the other Reggie chose to come here it would have been sooner.
Think Tenn 2-3 years ago and now.


I hope, but don’t know

I have loved Desi Sills all year long. I understand he turned it over too much, and therefore his minutes were reduced. But he is a heady, lay-it-all on the line, Corey Beck type of kid. Now that he has a 3-point shot, all her needs is to keep improving his ability to avoid TO’s. He’s our best perimeter defender already. I think he stays all 4 years and we all LOVE him well before he’s gone.

Since, the KY game, I’ve been excited about him. There was an article about Joe (I think Scottie might had wrote it) and him having a chance to lead the SEC in 3’s made (I believe he did), and 3 pt %. I believe Desi may have took that from him.

Edit: Looks like Joe finished second in each category. Desi wasn’t listed, so I’m assuming maybe he didn’t qualify. I believe with today’s performance he would have the highest average.

Edit 2. Desi had a season average of 46% from 3 (counting today’s game). Since Feb 23 (the 2nd aTm game) he shot 18-28 from 3 for 64%

Has improved his shot to where he’s a real threat.