Desi Sills?

Any word on his injury and prognosis?

Well considering he’s jumping around here spraying Gatorade everywhere with his shirt off celebrating… I think it’s safe to say he’s alright ;). Love to see those guys happy after a win like that, they deserve it.

This was a big win for the Hogs, a really tough venue in Baton Rouge. In a few weeks LSU plays both Florida and Tennessee in BR.

LSU may not stay up near the top of the conference standings. They have 10 rough games in front of them remaining

@ Miss St
vs Auburn
@ Kentucky
@ Georgia
vs Florida
vs Tennessee
vs Texas A&M
@ Alabama
@ Florida
vs Vandy

LSU may take a few more home losses.

We’re speaking with Mike on the SEC teleconference a little before 11 then again this afternoon, so we will find out then and pass it along.

Curious to see his reaction to the officiating. I know he can’t come out and say, “It was horrible,” but I’m curious as to his reaction to the question.

Update on Sills: … -fall-lsu/

Desi Sills is a ball player. The hustle and desire he showed on that play, trying to block that shot is something you can’t teach. That is the definition of hustle and determination. He is going to be a nice player for us these next 3 years. That was impressive. I am glad he was okay. No fear in that kid.