Desi Sills to K State

Hope Desi does well. He always gave 100% for us.


Desi feels like an ancient mariner and really old guy. Only thing I did not like without question (sometimes his 3 pt shooting attempts) was his hair choices. Hope he does well and hope he enjoys his Manhattan stop (man those guys are cleaning up via the portal).

I have nothing against Desi, I just don’t understand the rules, the years that count, when you must set out.

He played 3 years at Arkansas, got to transfer without sitting out due to the rule change. Transferred to ASU (via Auburn). I think one of the three years at Arkansas “doesn’t count” because of COVID.

Does he have to now sit out a year at K State? How many years does he have left?

They said on the radio this morning that he doesn’t have to sit out because he’s graduated. This would be his last year of eligibility.

That makes sense.

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