Desi Sills senior highlights … ighlights/

Man! That gets me excited. Would you consider him a 2? He plays pretty big for his height. Reminds me a little of Brandon Dean and even though he’s smaller he has good strong body control at the basket like Barford. I hope he can keep that going at the next level. I think this class is sneaky good.

The level of high school basketball in Arkansas is really impressing me lately. There seems to be about 6-10 kids a year signing with D1 schools. Mike has done a good job for the most part keeping them in state which is a great place to start.

that was a very impressive clip of Sill’s highlights. fearless. some things i liked were body control when driving, a very nice step back shot, and ball handling. a lefty like Beard but at 6’2" taller, looks to be a better shooter, can dunk with ease. excited after watching this.

What are his 3 point percentage numbers?
free throw percentages?
assists to turnovers?

never seen him play but been told he’s a demon defensively.

this kid could be sleeper of class.

I’m sold! Is there anything that kid can’t do? What I like most is his energy and intensity. When you combine that with his obvious athleticism and freaky basketball skills, you’ve got something special. Put him on either coast and Dickie V would be soiling his Depends talking about what a diaper dandy the kid is going to be. I also noticed that every game in that clip was played in a basketball palace. Man, Arkansas high school basketball has come a long ways.

Almost two years ago. This is one of his strengths along with his high energy effort on defense. Yes, he could play the one or two. I see him going back and forth depending whatever is needed from him.