Desi Sills Quick Tidbit...

I ran into a coach from Tulsa Central at the Tulsa airport on Sunday afternoon and he talked in strong terms about how good that “Jonesboro team is”. He especially went on and on about “the Sills kid” and how they couldn’t stop him in the 4th quarter. “We tried to guard him, it seems like we tried to NOT guard him and it really made no difference. He was going to do whatever he wanted to do at that point. He’s really, really good.”

Odd point - I met the coach when we were returning our rental car. He was working a second job at Avis/Budget because he said, “you know, you just can’t make the money teaching in Oklahoma that you can anywhere else.” We heard that several times during the weekend in different locations.

That is very true. I’ve heard of many teachers who have moved to other states because of that very issue.

May be true, but the Fayetteville and Lake Hamilton coaches left after being in Arkansas for one year to go back to Oklahoma.

Blankenship went back to be closer to his Grandkids. A move most would make, plus he was a college coach making decent money for a few years.

On top of that, head football coaches at most big 6A schools make well more than teachers. And another point, I’m sure Blankenship has been teaching long enough in Oklahoma to draw retirement and still get paid to coach.