Desi Sills named to preseason All-SEC second team

Nice preseason honor for Arkansas’ leading returning scorer:

And some thought Desi would not start coming season. We have a tendency to fall for recruiting hype of newcomers and think they are better at this stage than the players who are here and successful already.

I expect Desi to hold on to his starter role the entire season. I am sure he will be the leader on this team.

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Good for Desi. I thought he probably was the most suspect for making an immediate contribution of those in his incoming recruiting class. He proved me wrong from the get go. He’s been a huge contributor and now, team leader, for the Razorbacks.

Desi is a good defender. That earns you minutes with this coach. I always figured he’d find a way onto the court.

Sometimes it’s the fight in the dog and not the size of the dog. One tough dude on the court.

Actually, if you were to look at his defensive stats (steels, blocks…) he’s one of the less productive defensive players on the team. I also recall announcers commenting that he wasn’t quick enough to defend at times, and I saw the same thing.

I think he’s plays tough and sets that tone for the team, which is very valuable. I’d give him “leadership” in that respect, but I think the “excellent defender” stuff that some suggest misses the mark entirely… certainly he wouldn’t remind anyone of Alvin Robertson as Dudley originally compared him.

Count me as one of those that has said that about Sills (not being a starter).

Every team takes on a look of its own. Each one needs multiple players filling multiple roles. The role of being the 6th man… the consistent first spark off the bench… is a very valuable and often difficult role to fill. That role can be provided by sparking the team offensively, defensively, or both. Desi is really good at both. Can someone else be better than Sills in that role for this team (perhaps instant offense from Notae)? I guess time will tell.

At the end of the season, I’ll be surprised if Desi is the sole Hog on an all-SEC team (as the preseason rankings suggest he’ll be). I absolutely love his game, and cannot argue against his role as a solid top 5 guy on this team (and thus a starter). But, until someone else shows they can be a better spark off the bench, I just think he might be even more valuable in a different role on a deeper team than last year.

Decent defender and plays hard. How about that?

9 players on the second team!?!?!?!?

And 8 on the first. As far as how many players on these type of teams, they have had varied numbers for quite a few years now. It is anything goes.

So technically, Desi could be on second team or third team or fourth team if team is made up of a traditional group of 5 players. LOL.

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I think they’ve gone to this instead of two, 5-man teams then a handful of “honorable mentions”. Honestly, I like this much better. Much more prestige in 2nd team All SEC than in the “no one looks or remembers” honorable mentions.

Once you get past the top 4 or 5, the next 12 or 13 are all pretty interchangeable anyway.

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Considering he was only 7th or 8th in steals and 10th in blocks on his team (per 40 min) the last 2 years, I’ll settle for “plays hard”.

Big focus this preseason is Sills working to become a better off-ball defender.

And 4th in ppg, and he chose to return. Not shabby.

Coach Zimmerman has refered to some players as ‘tougher than a tractor tire,’ and Desi certainly fits that description. GHG!

Where would he go?

Notae absolutely has everything you want in a 6th man.

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