Desi Sills has found a winning home

Watched the Kansas State-West Virginia game along with CFP semis. At first, I did not recognize him because gone is all the wild hair. Desi seems to have found a home on a winning team. He scored 9 points in the win today. He looked comfortable on the court.

His Wildcats are 11-1 with wins over Nebraska, LSU, Wichita State. Only loss on the road at Butler. He is averaging 27 minutes off the bench scoring 9 ppg, 3 rebs and 3 assists while shooting 45% from the field.

Happy for him. Always liked his motor. He played his heart out for the Hogs

BTW, leading scorer for Wildcats is Florida transfer Keynote Johnson who collapsed during a game two seasons ago playing for the Gators. Second leading scorer is UALR transfer PG and sharpshooter Marquis Nowell


Forgot to mention KState also has former Hog Bebe Iyiola. He looks good.

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He always passed the eye test.


He could have helped us last year when we were short on size.

Good for Desi, I enjoyed watching him give his all for the Hogs during his time at Arkansas.
Glad he found a good fit for his game and wish him a great season.

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speaking of eye test, does Desi still have that symbolic red patch of hair? Sometimes that was the only way I could tell he was on the court. Loved him and his energy. I think Devo matches Desi’s energy/intensity = a great Arkansas trait.

He could have helped us last year by simply not playing against us!

No, that is what I mentioned at the top. He has normal hair now like guys used to have in Nolan’s days. I had trouble recognizing him.

I’ve watched a ton of KState. Desi was the leading scorer for the Wildcats in that Butler game. Desi is an Arkansas kid we all should cheer for.

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I always liked Desi. He played with a lot of spunk. He got into it with Muss in one game on the bench. I’d speculate he was not happy with PT.

It was indeed about getting his starter’s job back after he became healthy, especially since he was the primary reason Arkansas’s 3 game losing streak didn’t become a 4 game streak when he led the rally against Auburn at BWA from an 18 point deficit.

I’m just really glad he didn’t wind up at Aubrun, as he had originally planned. Was wasting his time playing for the Jonesboro JV’s. Glad he found a good landing spot.


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