Desi Sills has a setback

Desi had a scary injury in ASU Red&White scrimmage last night. He collided with a teammate and had to be carried off on a stretcher. He couldn’t put weight on his injured leg. Before the collision, Desi had 33 points on 12 for 19 shooting. Feel sad for the young man.


Man I hate to hear this always liked the way he played.

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ASU is reporting that getting carried off on the stretcher was a precautionary action and should not be used to judge the extent of the injury. I guess that is encouraging,

One tweet said condition is “Day to Day.” Nothing serious.

The precautionary actions medical personnel must take can make an injury look a lot worse than it might actually be. I was at a high school football game two weeks ago that was stopped for 25 minutes and a player was taken out of the stadium in an ambulance that had pulled up beside him. He was cleared to return to practice three days later and played the following Friday.

Yep. Hope and pray Desi is OK and cleared to play soon. Since he is not playing for Aubrun, I’m hoping he has a great senior season.

The Fayetteville safety?

Yes, Owen McCone.

Glad to hear he’s ok, it looked scary when I tuned in to that game.

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For some reason all the OM players that get injured get to run off the field on their own.


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