Desi Sills! And the "second half 5"

I said we would need Desi Sills to win this game…but I had NO IDEA IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS. I just thought we needed him to come out and play 10-15 solid minutes. Give our guards an extra person in the rotation. But Muss clearly felt like JD was not on his game defensively and went with Desi…the whole second half! Look at that box score. That is a box score of grit.

3 Desi Sills 27:54 1-4 0-1 0-0 0 6 6 1 0 2 4 1 2 0 0 11

Of course, it goes without saying that everyone played a role in tonight’s win. Esepcially the 5 that never came out in the second half. Tate was dominant in the post down the stretch. He and Devo and Desi really turned up the defensive heat. Moses was off as a shooter but STILL impacted the game. And Smith! 11 offensive rebounds! Are you serious? And Devo Davis. That kid is headed for legendary status. What a player…and what a future.

It felt like an analytics team from 2021–shooting 3’s or layups–just got beat by a team from 1976. nding the paint, and shooting little mid-rangers. And the 1976 team was off its game…but just gritted it out.


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