Desi playing time

I’m not sure we saw him much in the second half?

He seems to have been hot and cold of late shooting and D may not be quite as consistent.

It would seem Davis coming on may put more premium on some guard rotation minutes as well.

I hope Desi keeps a good attitude and keeps working. We know he’s capable of leading and definitely could use him down the stretch.

Desi did not play at all in the last 23:46. They put Jackson in for him at 3:46 left in the first half (which would be defined as going big, I guess) and he never played again. He had played 4:20 straight before Vance came in,

I thought that his shoulder must be bothering him. He didn’t look right on the two missed free throws or on the one three he took while in.

Yeah I think the same thing. He got his layup and that was about it. Hopefully he’s a little stronger Saturday. We can’t get away with no production from him for very long.

I’m sure that his injury didn’t help, but I think one of the main reasons he’s not playing is he has been a liability on defense. His man goes to the hole whenever he wants to and when Desi’s man doesn’t have the ball Desi seems to be watching the ball and loses contact with his man. I’m hoping that Desi’s shoulder gets better and he can score again because when he scores he plays a lot harder.

Desi rebounds well and makes the right play a lot! The injury is what’s keeping his playing time down in my opinion. The hogs need him on the floor. At Missouri all hands on deck will be required to pull out a win.
In my opinion the Missouri game may be the most important game left! It would be nice to get the 3 seed for the SEC tournament.

Desi needs time to rehab that shoulder, but he can still give some valuable minutes with defense and can also run the court. He does take some hard falls at times. I give him credit for being fearless.

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