Desi in transfer portal

What I expected. As you enter your senior year and with only year left to play college ball, PT is very important to a young man.


Maybe it was just me but I noticed Muss and Desi in antimated conversations at least twice when he came off the court. He certainly gave 100% every minute and made some big plays for us. All the best to the young man.

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I hate to see this. I hope KK is as good as some of you are saying. I also hope the guy Desi passes in the portal going the other way, is as good or better than he is.

I noticed that also LD. It was like when he got pulled he was telling Muss why he messed up. Or that he didn’t mess up.

I just really hate that he made the comment “going somewhere I won’t be held back”…that stings.

Desi was a preseason 2nd team all SEC selection. That may have something to do with it. That set his expectations and everything that happened he is going to measure against that.

Not sure that means a whole lot once the season starts. I’ve seen guys picked first team and play like poop the whole season.

Devo and JD took his minutes once he couldn’t score like he was. Devo took his spot for better defense and JD got the other minutes because of offense.

Exactly what happened. But you know the players, they don’t see it that way.

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Your right PJ…I think he can star at a mid-major. I would think he doesn’t want to play at a mid-major though.

If I was him I would go somewhere like Oral Roberts and be a superstar.

We live in a win or lose society. Desi’s production fell off this year. His late season play was compromised by a bad shoulder injury in the MSU game. I certainly understand his desire for minutes. I think he saw the returning guards and he figured that he would likely play 20 minutes or less and he wanted more playing time. Fair enough.

I did appreciate Desi’s hustle and scrappiness. He helped win a lot of games for the Razorbacks. Best wishes unless you are playing the Hogs.

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I think all these players can ball, and I think if DS had 25 minutes a game, he’d do a lot of things as good as DD or JD or any of the guards. I understand why CEM made the decision he did with respect to minutes, but it’s hard to really evaluate with limited minutes. At some point, players just need to be on the floor. I’m sure MM and DD look like crap for 10 minutes every game. It’s just the tough decisions a coach has to make. DS will be missed. He won a few important games for us this year, no doubt.

I’m concerned that J.D. might consider going Pro, he can go overseas to start to try to get to the NBA. He probably thinks he should get more playing time but with K.K. coming back, he’ll be splitting time again and he’s on such a short leash with Muss.

I’d go to Ole Miss or Mizzou and be a superstar if I was DS.

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I love Desi, gives 110%, but until he develops a much more consistent shot,that is what will hold him back,but am very thankful for his contribution to the team.wish him nothing but the best.

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Just a curious decision…I understand the PT. I wish him the best. He gave us his all.

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epitome of streaky, kind of gritty enough to overcome his size because he did seem to think he was a true 4. Needs to be an off the bench dynamite explosion to help his next team.

I think that’s what he doesn’t want to be. “Off the bench”.

Devo or Desi? Not even close.


I love Desi but superstar is being a little generous.

Good point PJ. I hadn’t thought of that. That probably raised, even his own thoughts and expectations.

Man. I agree. I love Desi, he gave as much effort as anyone could. I wish him nothing but the best and will be rooting for him. However, he could not shoot this year. Maybe it was the injury or something else, but… he missed layups that he should have made and 3s on top of 3s all year it seems like. His offense we will not miss.
Not to be critical at all, his effort and energy will be missed. He did make some nice reads and passes. He was solid on defense for the most part as well.