Derrian Ford's list?

I think…

That’s a lot. Must be who has contacted him. Not offered perhaps.

I did notice that there’s a rather large pig on that graphic.

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Surely not Bama!! No true Razorback would consider the Tide, especially after the accessories

I think the kids are getting smart. Lots of ads for their services.

Razorback. One thing for sure he is not going up north.

He is not the type of guard that fits Oats offense.

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That was his HS recruiting list. Notice he’s wearing his Magnolia jersey.

I couldn’t tell what he was wearing, but you may be right. On the other hand, why was this retweeted yesterday?

He is not the type of person that would play for a POS like Oats.

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From what I heard this morning, its a tweet from his uncle. Maybe he’s just trying to do some marketing for DF.

That is so awesome… I hope he finds the right fit for him and goes on to be a great player.

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No he doesn’t shoot the three good enough for him.

That is really true for us too. Thus the transfer.

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That and very good players coming in

I wish him well, but really really really hope he does not land at a school I despise. Which, unfortunately, is almost every school on that list.

I hope he ends up in the Little Apple.

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Derrian is very family oriented. Will be surprised if he ventures too far away from home but the right fit might extend farther.


He’s too good to ride mules RD.

Bet he ends up at Vandy.