Derrian Ford will

He will also attend an Arkansas camp on June 10


This sounds like good news Senor RD. What is this Arkansas camp? Are we hosting something for elite players?

I always thought he would take an official visit to the home school, but attending the camp is a very positive and encouraging development. Good news,

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He’s a must have for next years class

I agree he is one we must sign. This all sounds very encouraging.

Looks like Derrian will be trained by joe Johnson,

Richard, is he giving any thoughts to attending a prep school next year?

looks like a great that he can create his own shot!

This guy started as a freshman in the state championship game, if I remember it right. He is very very good,

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A MUST GET!! Love this kid. Can envision him with Ware in the pick and pop and it just being unstoppable! I hope we can see that one day for sure!

Never heard the words prep school mentioned with Derrian.

Derrian Ford film clip had me talking to myself: Oh Lord let him be a Razorback over and over. ELETRICITY on two legs. Now I know why folks who have seen him play speak in superlatives. Talk about exciting, impossible to guard, has amazing ball handling skills, passing skills, long shot, or blinding quick to the basket. Welcome home young man, you will love and thrive in Fayetteville.

Richard do you feel good about Ford?would love to get him,read elsewhere he might be LSU lean…ugh!

I think Arkansas and Baylor are the two to beat. Obviously a lot can change with visits.

Ok thanks

Correction on the Arkansas camp. He will attend camp on June 12 and 13th. Fresh off of his official, he’ll spend two days working with the coaches. Can’t hurt.


Not a shooter but everything else spot on. Gotta work on that 3 pt shot. skipping aau ball and working with iso joe instead this summer can’t hurt.either

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