Derrian Ford update

His father said when Arkansas is ready for them, they’ll be setting up an official visit.

Like I said recently, I expect some visits to start being set up.

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Arkansas better be ready for him. Arkansas can’t miss this young man.

Don’t worry. The days of our coach not knowing the name of recruits or serving up cold cuts from WalMart are over.


Say what?

When they start setting dates. They’ll be there. Nothing to read into the post.

We have a coaching staff that prioritizes recruiting and goes about it in a relentless manner. It is refreshing to see.

Yeah, but I was wondering about previous coaches not remembering recruit names.

I can understand Walmart cold cuts. The recruiting budget has been increased significantly. LOL.

“Isaiah” McBride

Oh, I remember that. That’s funny.

Speaking of McBride, he committed to Oral Roberts. He will like that free flowing 3 point shooting offense.

Did he and Houston Hoops play anywhere last weekend? I didn’t see any action on Twitter.

Will check.

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Derrian and Houston Hoops didn’t play. They will this weekend.

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