Derrian Ford & Joseph Pinion with nice evenings

He finished with 29 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists & 3 steals in win over Texas High


I really like him! reminds me of Devo but better handles.

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He is soooo Good!! quick as a hiccup,incredible ball handler and a sweet stroke!!


Big strong physical dude. Athlete with a lot of basketball tools. His quickness speed and size are tough to deal with.


I agree… this guy is an incredible ball handler and has great acceleration and Court vision I think he could be our PG be hard to keep him from getting into the lane as well as he handles the ball.

He reminds me of Courtney Fortson just a lot bigger and stronger.

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Richard how do you see Pinion fitting in? looks like he has a great stroke how is the rest of his game??

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Looking ahead to next season
Here’s what I think starting 5 will look like, basically from day 1

Jaylin Williams - Center
Jordan Walsh - Power Forward
Devo Davis - Small Forward
Nick Smith, Jr - Shooting Guard
Derain Ford - Point Guard

Devo moves to his more natural position at small forward

I don’t expect Toney to return next season, so Walsh moves right into the pf slot

Jaxson Robinson becomes top sub off the bench

Pinion plays a lot, cuz of his deep range threat, along with D Ford, N Smith, Jr and J Robinson, Arkansas will be able to spread floor w/ multiple 3-pt threats which will open up driving lanes better than current team can, opponents won’t just be able to pack D in and dare Hog players to shoot

next season’s team should look more like the “pace n space” teams Muss had at Nevada cuz he will be able to put more good shooters on the court

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I think we will start 3 G’s and 2 F’s

I just want to see to pace and space here at Arkansas like Muss’ teams at Nevada. Crisp passing w/less dribbling, lots of made 3-pters, lots of layups and dunks at the rim, spreading the floor, forcing the opposing D to defend more area of the court. We saw it some last season. I’m hopeful cuz Smith, Dunning, Pinion, and Ford all look like they are decent to very good 3-pt shooters.

Our pace and space offense has unfortunately morphed into a dribble drive offense. Well, you need a really good PG to effectively run a dribble drive offense and this team doesn’t appear to have one. Yet. Maybe KK is the answer. Maybe he isn’t. I do know that opposing defenses are collapsing to the lane, not fearing any kick outs to spot up shooters who can consistently drain the 3-ball. Hog players are dribbling the ball way too much trying to make something happen and are turning it over a bunch as a result.

I’m not even going to touch this team’s issues on the defensive end of the court. Yikes.

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I agree, pace and space I would love to see as well.

It has really turned to a dribble drive, and spot up square up.

When we are at pace, fast pace, we are dangerous. Dribble drive has been a pace killer. It takes so long to set something, we have had some success will JWIll as the hub, not really a point forward, more like a hub everyone runs through and off of. But man it kills pace and momentum a lot of the time.

I don’t mind it sometimes, I wouldn’t mind seeing it as our slowdown, but we are built for pace and space primarily.

I also think we do the dribble drive deal to, in theory, improve our 3 shooting, the whole shoulder square, feet set, yada yada stuff. That’s all it is, a theory because it hasn’t worked any at all, none. We are worse.
Pace, we need to be shooting out of pace, I think not doing so hurting our shooting.

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