Derrian Ford is going to play for

Houston Hoops 16u EYBL team this spring and summer. Interesting that Woodz Elite couldn’t get him to play with them.

Wonder how this plays out for the Hogs. Seems like he really likes Baylor.

I hear that Muss made a big impression on Derrian. He likes the NBA connection that Muss brings in. That NBA connection is why Muss’s recruiting is twice as good as the previous coach. Today’s recruits like that NBA angle over anything. It seems.

Isn’t our potential hidden advantage that Coach Muss’s wife’s father’s family is from Magnolia? Baylor, LSU and Houston are viable competition for his signature. Class is loaded with Coach Williams son and others so he could feel another Chandler Morris situation with coaches kid the priority. Long ways to go but I assume we in good shape.

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