Derrian Ford & his father podcast

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Great interview. Thanks. Hopefully working on knocking down that 3-pt shot with more consistency. Can’t wait to watch him play for Hogs.

If you have seen his social media, you know how hard the kid works on his game.

There should be absolutely no questions on his work ethic.


Yeah I know. Not sure why you felt compelled to reply to my post with that comment. I know how good he is and how hard he works.

My bad if it came off like that.

That was not my intention.

It was my intention to compliment him on his work ethic.

There wasn’t anything wrong with what Dudley posted at all. Sometimes people misunderstand. I just wish Derrian was coming in this year. I would love to see him and Devo playing together!

I could be wrong, Jerry, but I think we’ll have Devo for another 2 years. At least I hope so.

If he develops into a consistent 3-pt shooter as far as attempts and accuracy, probably not :slightly_frowning_face:. I’m excited to see how his game evolves in year 2.

Me too. I know he’s putting in the work.

I’m excited to see the young man play. Appears to be quite a player.only place success comes ahead of work is in the dictionary. I like to hear that he has a great work ethic

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