Derrian Ford has signed with Arkansas (story)


What a great group of signees. Congrats to young Ford.

So glad it is wrapped up in November. Now we all can relax.

Dudley who would you compare Ford to??

Ronnie Brewer


Wow! We can only hope he can be that good!! thanks

I found something on Anthony Black that says he may not decide before Christmas. So he probably won’t be signing until April, unless he goes with Ignite.

If I was a businessman thinking of a NIL deal with a student-athlete at Arkansas, I would put Derrian at the top of my list.


Love the comparison Dudley and absolutely love this class!!!

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And he is an outstanding student

Thank you, Derrian Ford for choosing the Arkansas Razorbacks, looking forward to seeing you take the court! WPS

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Happy Birthday and Hallelujah! Thankful you choose to play for our Razorbacks.

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Could you make similar player-comparisons (former Hogs or otherwise) of the other 4 in this class?


Will do so tomorrow.


Looking forward to it, DD. Still reeling from Phillip McKellar for Pinion, lol.

Not sure why you would lol at the high school comparisons of former Indiana and North Little Rock star Phillip McKellar and Pinion.

Both 6-5/6-6 and 180 pounds, great shooters, athletic with good handles and passing ability.

Both able to guard the 2-3 positions

Only because almost nobody here knows who Phillip McKellar was, much less remembers anything he did as a Razorback. I just barely remember him as being a part of some of Coach Richardson’s early teams that struggled to try to pick up the pieces of the disaster that Sutton left him. How does he compare to Dusty, Pat, Macon, Bell, Rotnei, Joe, etc. as a shooter? I think that’s what we all want to know. Does he have some Austin Reaves athleticism in him? Please just give a current comparison, whether Razorback or not. Thank you.

Dudley is probably right on this, you know. I saw Pinion play just one game, so probably not the best judge. But I can see the similarities. Size, shooting skills, similar slightly above average athleticism and quickness.

Pj, in the other thread about this, I compared Pinion’s style of play with that of Scotty Thurman. (Not predicting Pinion will achieve everything Scotty achieved).

What do you think?

Again, I saw just one game. I think you do have a case, except maybe couple of things. Let me know what you think about those based on your knowledge.

I thought Scotty had a much better range on his deep shot. I did not see Pinion shoot from that deep. What do you think of his range?

Also, it almost seemed to me that’s Pinion was a bit quicker on his feet than Scotty. Any thoughts on that?