Deron Wilson

Chief was coaching 8th grade football in Knoxville last I heard. I’ll bet he’s in good financial shape. We certainly overpaid him.

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For the love of God Cody, don’t call a coaching hire underwhelming! I did this after Enos was hired and received hate mail!

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You just never know, I put my trust in NE;CSP it’s his job on the line not mine, but if it was my job I would find someone who I believed in and I bet Sam did too. WPS

Ha! No kidding. You definitely can’t overshare on this board. However, I have also learned if I said it was a genius hire I would have been berated for hyping a guy from McNeese State. It’s the strawman theory in practice. Whichever one gets stood up (good or bad), the crowd will tear down.

But it’s good to see so many wearing their rose colored glasses still. :slight_smile:

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Seriously though, I have softened on my original take on Dan Enos. He does possess a lot of great qualities that should help out our QB room. And he wants to be here. May be good CSP pulled the trigger when he did or someone else (Michigan) may have gotten DE.
Deron Wilson, though very young, evidently has had some very salty secondary’s under his tutelage. If he can recruit 1/10 as good as his Uncle Frank then he will be a good one.

Maybe another school would have, but I doubt it would have been Michigan. He took a job there when he left Arkansas, but left after a few weeks to go to Alabama.


Looks like a good hire. Born in New Orleans and coached at McNeese State. Looks like good recruiting connections in Louisiana. Was on the staff at Florida so there are connections in Florida and on the Florida roster in case there are some portal candidates there. Works for me. Don’t discount the fact that ALL of our defensive coaches are black and the Chancellor at the UofA is a black man as well. That will carry some weight in recruiting.

Roger that Matt. Could have even been ole Saint Nick since O’Brien is gone

I am hopeful that DE can elevate the offense. I think we needed a better developer of QBs- not that KB was bad, but to help us close the gap on the top teams. Dan has proven he can get guys into the NFL and that’s a big selling point to recruits and hopefully means he can teach the QBs too. That’s all I am hoping for- incremental improvements. If KJ takes a half step forward even in his QB training, that will yield big dividends for us. If he takes a whole step forward, he will make himself a lot of money and we should have a really fun year.

I was actually hoping for Saban,…I hear he’s pretty respected as a DB coach. :wink:


Here is his bio from Gators site.

Officially official.

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I really liked Enos’ offense when he was OC for the Hogs before and I was really impressed at how he had evolved it when I watched the Michigan and Ohio State games where two very good defenses were challenged successfully by Enos’ offense with obviously less talent on the Maryland side. To me, it truly looked like a more developed and complete version of what KJ has been trying to run. I think Enos has 7 QBs he coached in college now in the pros. I don’t think Briles has anywhere near that number. I think Enos will call smarter plays than Briles and will help KJ reach the pros with a boost in his development.

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Not to take anything away from Allen Brothers but think the quality of QB on campus now is much better top to bottom than Enos had when he was here before. We know the talent he had to work with at Bama and later Maryland. Give the man some talent and he can get results.

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Brandon Allen has been in the NFL for 7 years. Seemed like Austin was pretty good too but finally got hurt after getting killed repeatedly behind a terrible OL…

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I am happy for Brandon for sure. He can afford new pickup trucks now.

Both Allens and Dad Bobby did much for the Hawgs program and I will always be thankful for their being part of the legacy and history. Class people .

Coaching is a very tough gig. You are going to take the blame for pretty much everything that goes bad. Bowman is a very good coach IMO but the situation he was put in with all those injuries there wasn’t anybody going to do much better.

I like the connections Wilson appears to have but he will have to be a lot more fortunate with injuries than Bowman was or he will be suffering the exact same fate. You cannot play guys that are not ready to play in the secondary and not get absolutely torched.

Not sure if this was mentioned as I noticed someone commented that they were hoping for someone from or with East Texas connections.

Seeing that Wilson spent 3-4 years at UTSA, one would think he built some really good connections in Texas during that time. Who knows, maybe he recruited the East Texas area along with Louisiana.

The more I read on him, the more solid of an option he seems. The D at UTSA was really good when he was on that staff.

Pretty sure we couldn’t get this Saban guy because another one of our “underwhelming” hires (Enos) refused to work with him again. And have no idea why we didn’t get Deion, it’s not that he’s averse to high altitudes, the Rockies are higher than the Ozarks.

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