Deron Wilson

Deron Wilson is reportedly the new cornerbacks coach.

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I like it he has connections in Florida!

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Wilson is a New Orleans native who was a four-year starter at Southern Miss. He has been a full-time assistant coach for four seasons — two at UTSA and two at McNeese State, where he was a coordinator. He worked at Florida in a quality control role last season.

Deke Adams is likely the connection here. Adams was at Southern Miss for three of Wilson’s four seasons. Ben Sowders was also on the Southern Miss strength staff for Wilson’s final season there.


This is a little underwhelming. I can only guess that he is very young and energetic, meaning they think he will be a top notch recruiter. I am not sure I like the idea of hiring a young pup when we are struggling on D. I was really hoping for an established coach with an impressive resume.

Side thought- across the SEC, how many teams have really young inexperienced coaches on the field versus tenured and established coaches? Just curious how we stack up.

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His resume is as good as Bowmans when we hired him…. He is also working with Woodson, so it’s not like he’s all alone…

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With the structure set up with Williams and Woodson you weren’t gonna get a veteran to just be a position coach.

Most sec staffs have a couple of young guys for recruiting purposes. Let’s see if his Louisiana, Mississippi and other connections help.

Personally I was hoping for someone from east Texas ala a Jeff traylor. Heck, even hire one of the high school coaches down that way.

I agree on the East Texas High School coach. Look what Nebraska and OU did.

Not picking on you in particular, Cody, but this kind of post always makes me chuckle.

Think of ANY coach out there, and no matter how great and/or in demand he might be today, 5, 10 or 20 years ago his resume was much like this guy’s. Everyone is inexperienced (relatively) early in their careers.

Fans ALWAYS want the “name” coach. But coaches who are hiring know what they want and need. As Matt pointed out in the article, Deke worked with this guy for THREE years. Surely, he has a very good read on him.

I’ll trust the coaches who interviewed him.


Yeah, hate to see someone who was a former DC as a DB coach, much less a former 4 year starter in FBS football. Also, one that learned how to recruit from Frank Wilson and Cory Richmond, and is from Louisiana.


Wow…check the man out on line.

I didn’t say I don’t trust the coaches. But Deke has a nice resume, right? Enos has a nice resume. Just saying it would be nice to hear what his coaching accomplishments are. Obviously, Scherer had a similar path and made a nice name for himself quickly. But the data presented to me doesn’t tell that story.

Pittman has shown he likes to give younger assistant coaches a shot. Some have worked out, some have not.


OK, I went and checked the guy out online versus reading the info at the top of the post that says FL Gator analyst…

…he sounds great after reading about him online. Glad to have him. Oh, and sorry for not doing my own research before making a post. I will just do more of that from now on.


I figure there are 1300-ish assistant coaches in FBS and a few hundred more in support roles like Wilson was in with the Wallets. How mahy have I heard of? Probably 10 percent, or less. So I don’t have a clue who can coach, who can recruit, etc. But Wilson is a former coordinator and has put some guys into the NFL. Sounds reasonable to me.

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Good luck to the new coach…

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I know where you’re coming from, but we hired “Chief” as DC and that didn’t go well so you never know. WPS


I hear ya. When you hear McNeese State, it doesn’t scream FB powerhouse, like an SEC school. But after reading up on the guy, he sounds like he knows what’s up. Plus, smaller schools have less talent and maybe that means they are more versed on the technical side. If the coaches really believe he is the guy and not just filling the roster, then I am great with the hire. my first reaction was that we were taking a warm body. Not sure why I reacted that way, but I did.

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Gee, Cody, since you like experienced coaches with “names”, wonder if John Chavis is still available :smile:?


I met deke when he was at Southern Miss didn’t realize Wilson played there though

We can probably let up on Cody now. The man has already said he should have done more research.

I actually think it’s a good mark on the program that we can take on both experienced coaches and take the occasional chance on a pup. Nick Saban was a pup at one point. If those young guys have good memories of a place they might be more likely to come back in the future if their careers are going really well.