Deron Wilson contract, overall staff pay

Deron Wilson’s first contract is for two seasons at $300,000 per year. There are also some notes in here about overall staff pay as it stands now.

I’m glad to see our coaches getting raises but what I would really like to see is where do we rank in the SEC as far as paying our assistants. The last that I saw reporting this we were 12th. Hopefully we have improved and are moving up the ladder in that category

Salaries may attract, but I’d rather see huge bonuses for all potential goals, all the way up to an NC. There’s where I’d like to be in the top of the league. Go to Arkansas where salaries are middle of the pack, but if you win your years end pay can take you up to Nicks level.

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I know the story says “All others signed through 2024” but I bet Kenny Guyton and Jimmy Smith both get raises. They both have groups that performed on the field and they also both recruit very well.

I get the attraction of performance bonuses, but there’s only one NC and three other CFP spots. You’re not going to lure many people if the bulk of the pay package is tied to bonuses you’re very unlikely to hit. They’ll go somewhere where the pay is better for the other 11 months, not just big January bonuses.

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I don’t really get into the bonuses…They are nice to have I’m sure but IMO a coach should not be trying any harder because of them. I just want to see us pay as well as the other schools so we can attract better coaches. But in reality I guess good coaches can be found anywhere…

I heard some people doubting Wilson because he had not been at high profile schools but I can guarantee you when Oregon hired Chip Kelly from New Hampshire many years ago their fan base was doing ballistic and all he did is basically change the face of college football as we know it today.

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It seems to me that there is always a lot of talk about our salaries and often criticism about them being too low. Regarding Wilson’s salary, $300,000 does not seem unreasonable for someone coming out of an analyst role and with experience more at smaller programs. I would think he is in a great position to grow his salary and resume, while making a decent starting salary.

100% agree on bonuses. They are more a way to add to the coach’s pay beyond what the bean-counters might prefer, or to inch the base salary higher without a “review.” The entire education industry is not made that way - even if it seems otherwise, college athletes are not a for-profit industry.

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Aw gee guys. Bonuses for every game over seven wins. How about that? Huge bonus for a 10 win season. Give the coaches more incentive when we go to Missouri for that final regular season game. (I’ve seen several against Missouri that I think the coaches did not lead through four quarters as if their “bonus” counted on it.).

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