Depth this year is paying dividend's

In 30 games atleast (2) player’s on the roster has had a good game. At times SEC player of the week worthy…

The difference this season being of the 10-11 who get significant minute’s during the game it’s never a given which pair will step up when a teammate is having a off-night or in some cases a 3-5 game drought.

I see post calling out Beard & Thomas but I’ve seen other’s in the past month praising their efforts & contribution’s.

I personally have been having my issues with Kingsley a few weeks back averaging 5-6 pts and 3-4 rbs (Vandy/Missouri)

In the end were sitting on 22 Wins with (1) game remaining and a SEC Tourney.

My point in all this is too say Let’s not put to much value in our criticism or praise of a college student…because he has the same everyday issue’s we have but with a bonus of having to meet exceedingly difficult expectations placed on their shoulders by us.


Great post!