Depth Chart Shakeup

We’ll see if this holds true Saturday, but that’s a much different offensive line than what was used against Auburn. Also note that Austin Allen and Chase Hayden both are off the depth chart this week.

I was surprised we didn’t see this OL vs Auburn.

Poor Paul Ramirez. He was called out, loudly, in my section Saturday following each of his three penalties. Hard for the common fan to actually know who is at fault on the OL for a sack, but he took plenty of blame, including one bad play when he was standing next to Dan Enos on the sideline.

Ramirez has struggled with penalties in the limited time he’s had this year. I think he had two in the Texas A&M game. Two of his penalties Saturday were false starts. It’s hard to justify a pre-snap penalty, especially at home when noise isn’t a factor. I think that’s probably why he got pulled to start the second half, then he was injured when backups were subbed in late in the game.

In over 50 years of observing football, I’ve never seen such musical chairs on the OLine from any team I’ve followed - high school, college, pro. Nothing close.

Ragnow can come off the depth chart at right guard, so more moves will be plugged in. LSU ran ball down Ole Misses throats for 600 yards. I expect them to prepare to stop our run game and force the QB to beat us with his arm and hoping they get sacks and pressure like South Carolina, Bama ,Auburn have done. O line may earn combat pay this week and every game until end of season.

This week will provide some interesting film study on the OL returners for 2018, as no seniors are likely to start. Some of those guys need to start playing better soon if they want to be in the mix next year.

Drive killer! It horrible to watch a defense fight and have an offense stop on its own with penalties. From 2 and 4 we went backwards.
He sure found a horrible time to get flagged. Every time the defense made a play in the first half the offense choked.
The fumble on the punt was the end of the game. The defense never caught their breathe.
We will see if Zac Rogers can block now.