Depth chart notes

Biggest change to the Week 2 depth chart is no Dorian Gerald. Jamario Bell has slid in to that first-team defensive end spot. Collin Clay and Zach Williams follow at second and third team, respectively.

Sam Loy is listed as the starter at punter. Austin Capps, who left the game in the second half Saturday, is slotted at first-team left guard.

Kickoff return: De’Vion Warren and Rakeem Boyd
Punt return: Treylon Burks

Did DG play bad? is he hurt? Or did I just miss something? I thought he was ok.

1st half he played well, then no play 2nd half but someone on the board(I think I read this) said he left on a stretcher? Kinda been looking for the mods to say what happened or his status but haven’t seen anything

Morris: Dorian Gerald stained an artery in his neck in the second quarter. Very strange injury. He’ll be on blood thinner, and he’ll be out the rest of the year. We’re hoping he’ll be out of the hospital tonight or tomorrow.

That sux! Man we needed him!

The fact they are worried about blood clots is positively scary. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

OMG that is a HUGE loss!! praying for the young man to get well!

Can you explain any further. I assume you meant strained an artery. Does this mean a pinched artery? If so, does that mean they are worried about blood flow to the brain, not clots? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this injury to a football player. Sure sounds scary.

Hoping for a complete recovery for Gerald. Such a shame for him. He seemed poised for a great year.

A nurse I know suggests it may be more like a bruise or damage to the artery wall. Swelling creates issues, and an aneurysm is possible. Might not be the issue at all.

Strains are typically associated with muscle tissue, not vascular tissue, right?

What sux is that Dorian has a big time health issue. Not that we need him. Prayers for his recovery. I’ve had the pleasure of his company. He is a nice young man.

Obviously meant strained. :roll_eyes: Here is the short story Matt wrote on his situation:

Hopefully he returns next season. If he’s healthy, it could be very good for the team next year.

Is the depth chart week 2 posted somewhere? Like a link to a page?

The depth chart is on page 18.

Mucho thanks :sunglasses:

When I go to…what is the clue for finding that next week…or this week for that matter…

*I can change the game # and guess how the team name will be put in, ha…last week PSU was used

Once you’re on the homepage, hover your cursor over sports then click on football. After that, you’ll see a rail toward the top of the page with 2019 signing class, roster, schedule, etc. On the far right there’s a “more” tab. Click that, then select game notes.

Winner! Thanks SB

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When I read what Morris said about a strained artery, I typed “strained artery in the neck” into a medical database and got carotid artery dissection. Most commonly caused by trauma, such as getting hit in the neck in a football game (check), treated with blood thinners to prevent clots (check) and is very serious (in addition to clots, a dissection can rupture which would likely be fatal). They’ll heal, eventually, but that’s why Gerald is out for the season and may not come back at all. There are other possibilities, I guess, but a dissection makes the most sense to me.

Remember the minor league baseball coach who was hit and killed by a foul ball at North Little Rock a few years back? The impact of the ball on his neck caused immediate rupture of an artery. Coroner’s report said he was essentially dead when he hit the ground, although he retained a pulse for a short time.