Depth chart notes - Colorado State

Nick Starkel is listed as the starting quarterback this week on the updated depth chart.

True freshman Ricky Stromberg is down as the starter at left guard. Austin Capps (left foot) is second team.

Jamario Bell is not on the depth chart. Gabe Richardson, who had a nice game Saturday, is slated to start at one end and Mataio Soli on the other. Zach Williams and Collin Clay are the backups at each position.

Also, Hunter Yurachek just walked into the interview room and found a seat at the back ahead of Chad Morris’ press conference.

That should get some rumors flowing… :sunglasses:

Already has

Youdaman gonna watch the video and read HY’s body language and tell us what is going on :sunglasses:

What a ridiculous statement…if you don’t see the significance of body language on the sidelines being a potential problem then you obviously have never ever been on a team or been involved with one.actions speak louder than words most of the time

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It is not uncommon for Hunter to attend press conferences.

Yeah it was a joke…you really need to CHILL :sunglasses:

Matt is right. He came in Saturday night also, and it’s not unusual for him to sit in on baseball press conferences during postseason play.

I think Hunter showed up just to make sure Starkel was getting the start Saturday. Every Hog fan wanted to know that, including the AD. :smile:

And you really need to not call people out and expect them to be ok with it and able to read your mind.

And you REALLY need to learn how to use a period. Or comma, either way it would make your posts seem somewhat articulate

Well, ok. Not to fight another’s battle, but one might argue you should learn to use a comma properly. And to place a period after “articulate.”

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Not English class so I don’t have to give a crap about that. I got a degree and taught 30 years to prove my articulation.

That there is funny…hawgjawbend

So, uh, how about those depth chart notes, huh? Wow. :joy:

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All right @youdaman, @hawgjawbend, and @jayhog15; y’all know better than that. Quit picking at each other.
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Well what did I do wrong?? All I did was tell the guy but I could care less about being grammatically correct on a message board.seems like he’s the ones that should be getting called out…that really does need to be a rule on here that people shouldn’t try to come on here and teach English class when 90% of us could care less about being grammatically correct on here.

What gives here, Scottie? Last week there was discussion that he might play against OM, but then he’s off the travel list. Now he’s off the depth chart for game 3.

I do check for punctuation and spelling in my posts. But, I don’t care much for editing anyone else’s copy aside from Dudley and Scottie.

But if we can tell someone how to coach, we can also tell someone how to write about it. Heck, it’s just the way of the world to try and help a brother out.

Most of us do not re-read what we write before we hit “reply” or “send.”

I did chuckle at reading the suggestion to check out Hunter’s body language.

My wife does ask me about my facial expression and body language. She will say, “OK, what’s wrong.” Nothing, I say. She replies, “Oh, yes something is bugging you. I see it on your face, so what did I do.” If there was nothing, it’s still pretty difficult for me to convince her at that point.