Deon Strikes Again

FSU DS’s alma mater. :sunglasses:

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Makes huge sense to me. Deion Sanders was one of the greatest DBs to ever play the game. If your a young DB why would you not want to be coached by him. So what if he plays at a smaller school, I have no doubt the NFL will find anyone if they got talent no matter where they play. So why not try to soak in as much knowledge from an all time great like Deion for as long as possible. Plus if you feel your not getting enough exposure the transfer portal is always an option later in your career.

Still I think if it was my choice and I was a DB, Deion is the way to go.

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I agree @votan. Good for Jackson state and Deon. I love watching SWAC games.

So, Deion is coaching the DB’s?

He is coaching the overall team. Do you think he has forgotten how to play DB? Do you think he won’t have some input / advise for that position?

I’m sure he has input there and advise just as Pittman does with the Oline. Just because your not a position coach doesn’t mean you won’t be coaching in that area as well.

Deon may be a great coach. May not be. I do know that at times, the greatest players are not great coaches. I am sure some are.

I agree, but I ask you… if you had the opportunity to be able to pick the brain on a daily basis of one of the all-time best experts in the field that you are trying to excel in, would you not take that opportunity? I know I would.

I don’t disagree.

I’ll take his innate ability over his coaching any day.

Apparently he’s a good recruiter.

Apparently. I imagine Clemson is happy to see this development.

I would pick his brain about how to run a legit 4.2 40!

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I watched a show video during the season and Coach Prime was coaching the DBs in a drill on foot placement, stance and how to direct the receiver where you want him and not where he wants to go. I’m sure Coach Prime will put a finger on this young man!

Head coaches can and do coach a position. Saban coaches corners at Bama.

I predict one year at JSU, then he hits the portal.


There’s where he could get some first rate coaching at his position. Of course, there may be a couple of five stars ahead of him.

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Good for Deion and JS… maybe now Deion will show up for more practices. He has an agreement with the AD that his demanding schedule be met.

Jackson State went 11-1 and won the SWAC. Whatever schedule Sanders is keeping, it’s working

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Just a wild guess, if he went 6-6 and fourth in the league there would still be a very long leash. Good for him, only DS could pull it off.