Deon Stewart's speed

Bielema said he thought Deon Stewart was probably the fastest WR on the team from 10-30 yards. That stuck out to me, because obviously Dominique Reed is sorta fast himself. Might be Bielema’s way of motivating Reed, who he said was the only player not to have filled out some mandatory paperwork as of the press conference. Either way, a bit of an eye-raising statement.

Obviously there are a lot of proven WRs ahead of him, but Bielema mentioned him and Jordan Jones as younger guys who could maybe crack the rotation. Something to watch the next few weeks.

We’re sure not the same plodding team that took the field in 2013. CBB realized the need for speed very quickly and went out and found some. Looking forward to watching Neon Deon work in space.

Don’t know if you can motivate someone to be faster

Probably a whole lot faster than if their ass is sitting on the bench.