Deon Sanders

There is a thread on here about coaches who had big impact on your life. Deon has gotten alot of flack about nil and recruiting in recent years. I have followed him since his college days. He might land a big 5 job before long.


Got my first Labrador retriever when he was playing with the Cowboys, my buddy Deion lived to the old age of 18! While Deion the person has always been brash and cocky, I do hope and believe that he has enough ‘old school’ qualities to succeed in a difficult profession

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Way to go Deion. It’s more than football.

I was living in Tallahassee during Dieon’s early years there. He has really matured and grown as a person through the years. I still renrmber the shock and awe I experienced watching him up close, running out an infield hit. I have never seen a human being run that fast.

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