Deon edwards

Wondering what the odds are that he is a starter this season.

I know the coaches have praised him at times during his red shirt season, and he seems to have very good size for the position.

Seeing that the 3 we saw this year just aren’t good enough to play in the SEC I wonder if he steps in and steals a spot. He should be developed and ready to play after a season with herb.


I think Deon certainly has a shot of cracking the line up, he will have to work very hard to get in. The fact that he will have to compete with some incoming talented freshmen and guys already ahead of him.
If he gets a starting spot it will be due to hard work for sure.


Would love to see some people out there who can make a difference in the game. Not sure who it is or if they are on campus yet, but we need play makers at the position. I don’t think the guys who were there this year can be that type of player, I think talent wise they are a little out gunned in the SEC. Hoping Deon/Micah/ some of these freshman can jump in and handle the heat.

We were out gunned and out schemed in more areas than just the secondary last year.

I agree.

But it was the worst safety play I’ve seen in 20 years or so at UofA.

Just the angles and tackling alone was atrocious.

Just to be fair it wasn’t entirely bad angles by the secondary. Our super athletic Dline was asked to play as run gap pluggers which is not their strength at all. The Dline let the Oline get loose into the 2nd level. Our LB’s were ok as long as Greenlaw was there to use his speed to make up for the lack of speed by Ellis. In spite of greenlaw, the LBs were not able to cover their sector of the field in the passing game. Our LBs were terrible after we lost greenlaw early. What happened up front affected the LBs and the LBs lost coverage of receivers and backs so the secondary had to clean up their mess. The secondary was in reaction mode numerous times because of the LBs letting someone get free. Sure the Secondary still continued to take bad angles, but that wasn’t 100% of the problem.