Denver's nuggets just can't be clipped!

Clippers choked again. Up 3-1 and lose in game 7 to Denver.

Poor Doc Rivers… a history of 3-1 chokes adds another notch to the belt.

Jamal Murray has been unbelievable this postseason. I’m becoming such a big fan of his game. Averaging 27 points in the playoffs on 50 percent shooting and 49 percent from 3. Insane. Can’t wait for the Western Conference finals.

I did not see this coming for Murray when he was at Kentucky. He never shot the ball like that. Let’s see if he can keep it up. He did kind of choke in Game 7 against the Jazz.

As far as the game, I kind of thought PG13 would have a bad game, but to have Kawhi play scared and Lemon Pepper Lou to go missing, did not anticipate that. Kawhi dropped down quite a few notches on the greatness meter after this three game choke.

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Didn’t realize anyone was actually watching the NBA anymore.

I’ve not watch a bit of it… Just caught the 3-1 choke headline for the clippers and the line of

" Denver’s nuggets just can’t be clipped! " popped into my head and wanted to share it.

I think you are right that there are still just a few of us watching NBA. I don’t miss any televised game starting from regular season. Love it.

What is really ironic to me is that Razorback fans hail Mussleman as a great coach for adopting NBA drills, NBA schemes, getting players ready for NBA, running his program like an NBA team, his NBA connections, on and on and at the same time show utter disdain for the NBA game. I have heard people praise Muss for his NBA drills or whatever and few minutes later claim NBA players don’t play defense and on the offensive end it is just an isolation game for the stars.

I had thought hiring of Muss would increase interest in NBA among Arkansas fans. That has not happened.

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I cannot tell you why but I totally lost interest in the NBA a few years ago For one thing, I did not like the rules being ignored for the super stars who are now allowed a dozen steps if they want. But whatever, I lost all interest in ghe NBA

I don’t think the game itself is the issue that many have with the NBA.

I got no problem with the NBA per say. I find it an excellent source of entertainment distraction from a daily grind of everyday life. I do have a problem with the players, staffs, owners, etc; start injecting politics into the platform during game times. If I wanted to watch politics, I’d watch Fox, CNN, CSPAN, etc. If they want to use their platform any other way besides during game time then I got no beef with that and I’ll begin to watch again because the pure simple entertainment will be restored. Until that time, I’ll seek entertainment at another source. A source not polluted with politics and social justice reform, I get enough of that already in everyday life. And Covid did teach me that NBA, NFL, MLB, etc… well they are just not essential. If they keep polluting their products, I may never go back and I have a feeling I’m not alone in those sentiments.

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I hear you, but I don’t consider players protesting social injustice as politics. I don’t see players promoting any particular political party or candidate during the game. Now if one does not want to see social injustice protest during their entertainment, that is fair.

I myself will turn off the game if they start campaigning for a candidate during my entertainment, but I don’t see that. There is one instance that I hope they discontinue and that is interview of the President during the Super Bowl. I can’t remember when that started and why.

I had an article that answered the WHY and WHEN for you. I didn’t know those answers either, but it seems to post it, there must be some sort of administrative approval, so the post is pending waiting approval. ppft

Here is an article that will explain when and why. When they were just light hearted about the game and when they turned to political platforms. I didn’t know when and why either, as I generally skip that kind of crap. When it comes to Superbowl Sunday, I just want the football and oddly enough to see how wild the new commercials will be. I even tend to skip the halftime shows. No interest in those either.

Thank you Votan. I hope they discontinue it starting with next year. I too want to enjoy the game without any political BS. There is enough of that already elsewhere.

I still watch the NBA, but I absolutely agree with you on this statement. I can’t stand seeing someone steal the ball, pick it up at half court, run to the hoop and dunk it, and not dribble one time. (It’s happened twice since the playoffs started, Giannis and LeBron both have done it, also James Harden’s unstoppable step back three is a travel, ask Pippen).

I have not watched or cared about the NBA for years. Has nothing to do with politics or race or any of that. The game is just bad for me. I use to watch it all the time in the 60s. Have no interest at all now. Guess I should be glad the Nuggets won, but had no idea until I saw this thread. Are they still in Denver? I guess they share the arena with The AVs who play a real team game.

That is what I find surprising in that Muss hasn’t converted folks like you to watching NBA since how Arkansas fans value his NBA connections and NBA like coaching methods.

Muss is a college coach. He has deep pro roots. Good I guess, but what I care about is his college coaching. If his NBA background helps with his college coaching, then great. If he somedays leaves and goes back to the NBA, I will say thank you and will not care less what his NBA teams do playing something that is not basketball. The rules say you get a step and a half, not 3 or 4 if you are a star. The rules say if a defensive player has established position, you can not go over him. Should not matter who you are. The rules say 6 fouls and you are out. It does not say if you are a star, you do not get that 6th one. I actually herd an NBA ref actually say that the fans paid to see so and so, and to not see him fouled to the bench.

No thank you.

Muss plays great team and help defense. They do not even know what that is in the NBA until maybe the last 2 min. of a playoff game.

PJ, I think you are just misplacing the value people have for his NBA connections. As a “fan” of the Razorbacks, I value those NBA connections not for the NBA, but rather as a tool to help recruit players to the college game. I’m guessing if you asked a player, they’d value those connections to get them to the show. So I could couldn’t care less about the NBA, but if his connections get us players on the college level then kudos. Thats the only reason I liked Muss having all those NBA connections. As far as the NBA goes, I don’t care for them much at all.

Years ago, I was a dedicated Pro Football, Pro Basketball fanatic, never watched the college game. Football with the likes of those great Steeler teams with Bradshaw, Swann, Lambert, Green, etc. Basketball with the likes of Dr J, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Dominique Wilkins, etc. Those were good times. Then I got infected with the college game and it consumed me, and left little to no room for PRO sports. If the Steelers are playing I’ll try to catch a game, if the World Series is going I might watch some baseball, NBA…no draw for me at all. I lost interest in them when they let them walk, double dribble, constantly get away with fouls to protect stars, etc.

I’ve not watched the NBA in years. It just does not interest me.

Perfectly understand your view.

I would love to see someone conduct a statewide poll that asks how many basketball fans watch

A. Just Razorback Basketball
B. Also other college basketball
C. Also other college basketball and NBA

If not statewide, just on this forum.