Denver watch parties

I assume there’s a local Razorback club that has a place for watch parties? Looks like we’ll be there during spring break March 20-25.

Check with Alumni Association. They have some in Chery Creek area I think.

Let me know if I can assist while out this way.

Thanks. Looks like we’re getting a house downtown.

I bet these folks can help you.

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Just find them. Evidently they hangout at Society Sports and Spirits. My kind of place.

Yea. The owner is a Razorback alum. It’s a nice place. And a really nice place if u like bourbon.

Cool. I was asking since March Madness will be happening. Will make sure to stop by regardless of a game or not.

I’d watch at the Gage pad or at Jim’s.

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Your welcome here and I am sure Gage as well or both. Gage is the better cook. I have better horses and skies.

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Where exactly do you guys live?

I live just out from the little town of Keenesburg which is just NE of Denver (about a 45 min drive, not far from DIA). Gage lives in Loveland, about 1 hr. N of Denver (nice place).

I’ve stayed at both places and always enjoyed it. Jim and I have covered most of Colorado in pickup trucks, sometimes pulling a horse trailer. Well, we have covered most everything west of his house. There are some mountains and rivers we have left alone. I’m still wanting to get deeper into Flat Tops in NW Colorado.

Are you one of the happy people or a sorehead?

Both. A Happy sore head.

Clay, you never really said you had interest in the Flat Tops. We can make that happen. I did yellow Toadflax trials all over that place for the Forrest Service.

Ok uh may I ask. Happy People / Sorehead?
Could be I’m out of touch with such

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The love of Flat Tops happened just recently. It’s not what you would call bucket list but seems interesting.

Keenesburg is featureless except for the people and the gorgeous horses. You may see a few $25,000 barrel horses grazing. Or maybe they don’t graze. Get better care than us.

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$100,000 barrel horse owned by my 12 yr old neighbor. she gave her grandfather $40.000 for it which she earned from me by cleaning our barn. He grandfather continued racing it and was offered $100,000.00 for it. He told them they would have to ask Sophie. They did and she said no.

Durn Richard. Did not remember all that. I can tell you all that development has now happened. Amazing growth. You drive by an open area in the morning and there will be a house there in the afternoon.

I will say that perhaps one of the biggest event is the 4th of July fireworks. It is probably one of the best including Denver and Coors field. The fireworks company that puts on those shows call this home so they put on a free show for the community. It is amazing, especially for such a small town. People are now coming from all over to watch. Come see it at about 9 PM, 3 July each year.