Denver Kirkland

Is Denver Kirkland still with the Raiders?

Raider sight projects him as a practice squad player
Too slow to play tackle in nfl

I guess if he to slow to play tackle, he is to slow to play guard to then.

Not necessarily -/ he had his best years here while playing guard his fresh and soph years

Wish him well

slow tackle, but should be pretty good guard, Denver messes up his money, point blank by coming out early

I suppose as long as he isn’t asked to pull and get on the outside ahead of the RB on a sweep or screen. That was one of the reasons we didn’t run screens to much during that time, our O-line was a little slow.

I agree he should have waited until he talked to CBB before making a spontaneous decision, our staff would have made sure he was better prepared next year.

Disagree about the money. If another year in college would have helped, then a year as a practice squad guy going against NFL caliber players should help even more. Why not get better experience while collecting a salary as opposed to getting experience against lesser competition and not collecting anything. The danger is if he were to come out early and not latch on with a team at all. Since he did get a spot, he is probably going to be better off. He either makes it or he doesn’t. I don’t think another year in college would have been the difference either way.

Denver was carrying too much weight at 340. The NFL has a way of reshaping your eating/workout habits or you hit the road.