Denton's relief effort leads to Arkansas sweep (story)

I was just about to post on Marshall Denton. I thought he was player of the game… hands down.

In the 4th, it looked like Gonzaga got some momentum and were about to get on the scoreboard, but in walks Mr. Denton and he crushes it with 3 straight strikeouts! BOOM!! That pretty much killed them.


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Dude has been pretty good last two years. I’m not sure he can get a steady diet of lefties out, but not many right handers going to hit that dude. He’s got the wipe out slider, then another pitch that freezes you. It backs up and you can’t pull the trigger. Ask Vandy.

How about Denton’s save against
Miss St last season. Denton can make back to back appearances without a problem. His ability to get outs against right handed batters is pretty awesome.

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