Dennis Dodd

reports Willie Fritz has talked to Arkansas.


That plane stopped in New Orleans. And Boca. And near App State, and near Wazzu. I think HY was making the rounds.

Who is Willie Fritz? I have never heard of him. Where did he coach before Tulane? I forgot Tulane started playing football again. Once upon a time, Tulane had a large stadium there in New Orleans.

Think your right Swine and think maybe it was part of what the BOT wanted him to do before possibly signing off on Kiffin from what I gather. Who knows though.

He is a winner

Central Missouri, Sam Houston State, Georgia Southern, then Tulane. SHS got to the FCS championship game twice under him, lost to North Dakota State both times.

Hopefully, these are your due diligence interviews and are necessary to allow HY to go execute his coaching hire choice without blowback or interference from the administration or board.

A former all conference Hog is very, very high on Willie.

Not just twice, but back to back seasons!


Lost his last five games this year - good coach, but that’s a tough sell/ tough optics if you are HY.

Former Arkansas DL coach Kevin Peoples is on Willie’s staff.

Not going to lie I was pretty disappointed in their performance the last 5 games. They had a bad habit of not playing well in the 1st half, along with mediocre qb play.

IMO, wouldn’t sell any season tickets, but might cost the UA some season ticket holders.

Win games, the ticket holders will come back. Lose and it doesn’t matter how splashy a hire it appears on the surface.

Sounds familiar

Of course. I’m talking about as a new head coach hire. You are talking about 2-4 years down the road, IF he is successful. There are coaches we are supposedly on that will immediately sell new ticket holders and provide renewed excitement. Willie is kinda the antithesis of that.

Agreed. I’m not entirely thrilled with the idea of Fritz either, but we could do much worse. Possibly including some of those people who would provide initial excitement. And if this hire crashes and burns on the field we may never get some of those fans back.

Willie Fritz is a wonderful coach and would do a great job here.

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