Dennis Dodd says Arkansas offered Gus

50 million for seven years.

Please, God no, dumbest mistake in history if true, Gus will put us back at JLS levels. Fire everyone at AR in an administrative role.

Back at JLS level?

Bret beat him to it.

Gus can coach, and knows what it takes.

Put your bologna reason for not liking Gus to the side. He is the best coach we can get, period. There’s not another hire like CBB waiting, not after what he did here.

Absolute LIE

Gus, lied to AR
Bashed AR
Says AUB is his DREAM JOB
coasted at AUB and cost him a NC, first SEC team to lose a NC since 07. That’s right GUS ruined the SEC streak
Coasted last night, ended the West’s dominance

Gus sucks, only people that want Gus is Texass fans

His offense from 14-16 rated 47th, Bret’s in the same time rated 48th

Gus sucks, take your Gus love out and look at facts. Gus sucks

Talk about lies, your entire post was lies.

I understand you’re probably too much of a moron to look up anything, but Gus has never said a cross word about Arkansas.

Sure from 14-16 his offense wasn’t doing great, but he also didn’t have a quarterback worth a damn. How has Brets Defense been? He’s a defensive guy? How’d it go?

Compare it to Gus’s defense while youre at it.

Gus is a very good coach, you don’t suck and climb through the ranks and land a job at Auburn, moron.

You need to put aside your ignorant unfactual bias and realize he is the best option. Plain and simple.

If he gets hired I’ll come help you pack your fan bags.

Lay off the grass, you act like you’re baked… oh.

Everything I said was FACT, I did look it up, why don’t you do it. Oh, I know you’re too stupid to understand how. Gus is the worst candidate in history, only stupid Texass fans believe other wise.

But, don’t worry Longhorn, our BOT’s are Longhorn fans too

I thought you were just a moron, I now know you’re a dumb ass.

Please provide me with the links where Gus bashed Arkansas, said bad things, please, I’ll wait.

While you’re at it, my daughter wants a unicorn for Christmas.

I can assure you I’m no longhorn fan, I’m born and raised in Arkansas, have been a hog fan for as long has you’ve had stupid thoughts. A long time.

You’re a LIAR, you don’t have a daughter, you ain’t old enough.

Gus has bashed AR repeatedly I’ve already posted that.

He also called AUB his dream job. I’ve already posted that.

He has never won anything in college. FACTS, look it up

He also isn’t that great of an offensive mind, I proved that.

So, again Texass fan, stop, you’re proving you know nothing but Gus love.

OK, a couple of you kids decided to start calling each other names so I’ve cleaned up the thread. Now behave or I’ll have to ground you for a week.

I call it like I see it, I apologize Swine.

I surely don’t take it back though.

Can you ground the BOT for a week?

Only if they start posting on this board.

Who cares?

No one.

Considering 2/3s of it is a lie. And the last 1/3 could either be true or coach talk, either way; I don’t care.