Demolition of the Broyles Center

Goodbye to the garage doors after 43 years. And good riddance.

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I agree. Those were unsightly. They didn’t seem too bad 40 years ago, but with the expansions of stadia all over the country, they stuck out badly. It’s too bad the remodeling won’t be completed by next season. However, I wonder if some phases of it will be completed by Labor Day. It hasn’t taken them long for the razing to look spectacular.

Cool video.

I went by there this afternoon on my way home. Unfortunately I was headed South on Stadium Drive and I really couldn’t see anything.

It occurred to me that part of what was torn down today was the gameday locker room. Thus they have to have at least that done by Labor Day. They do not want to dress in the Smith Center; it would eat up much of halftime to go over there and come back. It will be interesting to see what else they try to get done by 9/9/17 (and it also occurs to me that scheduling FAMU at WMS gives them another week to get stuff done before the first RRS game).
My guess is that in order to do that, they will build at least the bottom level as seen in this photo before the first RRS game, as well as the concourse at that level to connect west and east. Perhaps the second level on top of that as well.

I’m probably overlooking it somewhere, but I can’t find the DWRRS renovation camera. Somebody had a link to it the other day. Could somebody post that link or guide me to the place online where I can see it?

Link is pinned above here on the board.

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Thanks, Swine. I’m pretty dense about some of these computer things. I still don’t see the pinned spot, but then again, I’m not wearing my glasses, either! Ha! Thanks for the link.

This board doesn’t have the obvious pin of items like the old HI board did, but right now the construction cam item is third on the list of “TOPICS” on the board and will remain there until we take down the poll and the story about all-SEC, when it will move to the top (the cam item will remain pinned throughout the construction process). If you look at the light bulb icon beside each topic, pinned threads will have an exclamation point (!) inside the light bulb.

Ah, got it now. Thank you for informing an ignorant computer user!

I always wondered if there were some skeletons somewhere in the bowels of the Broyles Center. Now is the time to crawl around in the rubble and look. Naw, I guess maybe not.

Yea, i was wondering if the team would have to use football center locker rooms in 2017 and get on busses to/from. I remember when they were building the south endzone, i believe the visiting team had to walk across practice fields, not sure actually what they were using for visitor locker room. I think they did extend halftime by 5-10 mins.

Does anybody know the plan for current north end video board for 2017, same location? I see they have take down the screen itself, not sure if that is just for protection…guess we will find out soon.

Originally it was suppose to be moved a little closer to the field

Right, it looks like it will be mounted directly on top of complex from the drawings. I hope AD Long provides an update, interested to see the plans for 2017, including team logistics.

Barnhill would be an option. Actually, that’s where the team used to dress, then had a halfway house for pre-game and halftime.

I did hear that they found a Texas band member from 1981 in there. He was still hiding so he wouldn’t have to march out of the stadium among the crazy Hog fans after the 42-11 game.

The video board structure is going to be torn down and a new one rebuilt closer to the field.

While the SEZ was being built the visitors used Walker Pavilion. I’m not sure if it had any shower capability. Maybe they did some temporary shower setup.

Matt is correct; the Pigscreen will be moved to a new support structure closer to the field. Then, of course, there will be a second screen put atop the SEZ.

Thanks for info Matt/Swine, good stuff.