DemGaz vs UA Thoughts

I agree with that 100%. They are not the issue. There is nothing they can do about it anyway (it has been said more than once that if they turn in an article without it, it is edited to add it).

I am not upset with the writers, but with the ADG.

This is a great post. The one hung with which I disagree is faulting Richard and Tom Murphy.

I don’t expect them to lose their jobs in order to make a point. They have mouths to feed and as you point out it’s a dying industry and those jobs are tough to land and keep.

If we want to be mad we should be mad at Walter Hussman Jr.

And, as I have said many times, that is what the whole policy is designed to do–irritate and enflame us.

It’s working and that’s just what they wanted.

I would love to see the U of A remove the paper’s press credentials to all Razorback sporting events. Just tell them, they will be re-instated when they stop the “U of A, Fayetteville” crap. I have a feeling, that would be the last day we see UAF in the paper.

While I don’t disagree with your post the two main points of my topic were:
This is being done in secret by someone who cares little about Razorback fans. This person will not step into the light and if he/she is being affected by a more powerful outside force then they should not be in the newspaper business. Honesty and the truth are the foundation of a free press. Without that a paper is for bird cages.
Second when you cancel a subscription on the phone someone asks why. Every time. There is where you speak the loudest. Subscriptions drying up for the same reason will get the owner’s attention more than any editor. That is who needs to feel the people’s wrath.
Keep the power people. Don’t give it up like we do to Washington.

After seeing the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville in article after article, I feel like the Arkansas State University, Jonesboro just beat us in football during the regular season and did it again in the Liberty Bowl.

Hurst, while I agree with most of your post, and acted on it yesterday, I have one little clarification for you. When I called yesterday to cancel my subscription, the lady I talked to did not ask why I was cancelling, and I wasn’t given an opportunity to volunteer why. I afterward tried to send the ADG an email to tell them why, but found at their website that they only accept letters to the editor from Arkansas residents, which I am not. I suppose my next move is to waste a postage stamp and try the USPS.

Email me ( and I will get your message to the newspaper.

I have NOT followed this * story! LOL
Sorry but the Ark Dem died when a certain person passed. The follow up struck out. And I got out.

So in simple terms could someone PM me or e-mail me the cliff notes version of what is this silly. stupid story about? IF it’s worth reading.

NOW if you live out of state a panel will be formed to decide of this should be read. :slight_smile:


Your subscription to HI enables you to open WholeHogSports articles which also appear in the newspaper. What is happening is that the phrase “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville” is inserted into every article, rather than just leaving the simpler mention of Arkansas. No other school is treated in such manner. This is irritating to many readers, and there have been many threads on this board about the issue.

Pretty obvious why they didn’t communicate that too you, Greg. You’re a lawyer. You should know.

But the paper has nothing to do with those issues and therefore I agree with you. But I don’t subscribe and would have cancelled by now. So I’ve done what I can control. I really don’t care what their reason it. It won’t be good enough for me.

I really believe it’s just a matter of time before lawyers get involved in the proper trademarked use of the UA. There are marketing implications by the paper trying to re-“slogan” a current one for its own benefit. And it is a for profit company. I don’t think I can sue for the UA but it’s possible it could be done for a class of UA grads that can show some type of damages from the papers improper use of the brand. That day will come.

However, to date UofA has not said anything about this.

FWIW, no one at the UA has talked to me about it.

I seriously don’t think anyone at UA really cares what the ADG calls them on first reference. The fans care. The University, not so much. Of course, the university’s Little Rock branch feels differently, which is how we got to this point. (UALR was LRU when it was a private school for 12 years before UA took them over in 1969. If they’d stayed LRU as a state school, we wouldn’t have this problem.)

I never knew UALR was a private school at one time. I knew it was independent of the UofA system before becoming UALR, but I didn’t know it was private.

First reference, it is Arkansas Razorbacks in the paper. It’s just Arkansas at Hawgs Illustrated and in my stories that run in the NWA Democrat-Gazette.

Maybe I am not a good lawyer, because I don’t know! :smiley:

I really don’t. “Crisis management” is something that most businesses fail at. I think most are better than you think about dealing with crisises that can bring down a company, but everyday small crisises? Not so much. There was no liability issues in the case at hand. The bus company hadn’t done anything wrong, a bus just broke down. It happens. But if you tell people what is going on, it is much easier for them to sit back and just wait. It is the unknown that drives you crazy. You had about 300 people who were totally in the dark as to why they were doing what they were doing. They were frustrated and angry. It was the lack of information that made them angry the most. Everyone realizes things break down. If they had told us right away what was going on, I can guarantee you it would have made the situation a whole lot better.

Do you remember the cruse ship that lost all power and broke down in the middle of the Gulf a few years ago? It is my understanding that the people on the ship were given almost no information. People back here knew much more than those on the ship did. If they had told the people, “OK, we can’t the power back on, they are sending us a tug, they are towing us to Mobil, it is going to take 3 days to get there, we will all get through this together.” (Something like that) it would have been much better for the people on board than the unknown. It is my understanding that the people on board didn’t know where they were being towed to, that the ETA was, etc. That made the situation on the ship much worse, and I guarantee, cost the company a lot a future customers.

As to the paper, I am pretty sure I agree with you, that no matter what they say, the reason won’t be good enough. However, it is still bad business, IMO, to not address the issue and tell the why. There is a great book on corporate management called “Start With the Why.” Kind of fits here, kind of not, but I do try to understand the “why” in dealing with all types of situations. Understanding the why can defuse anger, mistrust, etc. So far, we don’t have a “why” (or a who) and that just fuels anger and mistrust.

Why is totally irrelevant with UAF.

Stupid is as stupid does.
This will not end well.

If they don’t, they should. Branding is important. Being relegated to the status of a “hyphen” school is not a good thing. I know there are exceptions, but if they don’t care how they are being referred to, they are making a mistake IMO,

Yep. It started out as Little Rock Junior College, founded and run by the Little Rock School District (and as a JC, it had a football team until 1955). It became a private four-year school, LRU, in 1957; the timing as it related to the Central High crisis may or may not be coincidental. Then UA took over in 1969.