DemGaz vs UA Thoughts

As irritating and baffling as this UofA-Fayetteville garbage is, it is very telling that no one is stepping forward and taking credit/blame for this move and forcing its staff to comply.
The cowardly politics of this tells me all I need to know about the management of the state’s primary paper of record.
First you make a decision that is sure to alienate a massive number of subscribers and yet do not have the character to step forward and explain the decision. Then you also shy away from explaining why U of A grads hold so little value to a company that is in a dying industry.
The only writers I see commenting on this are the Hawgs Illustrated staff, who, if we were totally honest, are the reason most of us are even on this site. Although I enjoy some of the input of the Demo-writers I am really here to read Clay, Dudley and Matt.
The fact that the Demo-writers have not said a peep that I have heard or tried to explain the stand to their readers says that they are fearful to do so. Fearful for their jobs.
I challenge whomever made this, insulting to all U of A grads, employees and current students, policy and forced it on its writers to stand up proudly and be recognized and explain it to us in some way that makes any business sense. If that is at all possible.
Meanwhile, sorry Richard, the minute I saw this garbage in your article today I closed it up and moved on. The same to Murphy who really toes the line here.
Can we judge the sense of job security of these guys by how tightly they hug the company political line while their credibility wanes? While I totally understand not wanting to lose your job, when I see that in an article I think sellout. I can’t help it. You make your living writing for the fans of the U of A and yet are forced to spit on them at the same time, or, as some have suggested, allow some copy writer to change your words. Those are tough rocks and hard places. No U of A readers means no job too.
It may be time for all associated with THE University of Arkansas to cut ties with the paper and show the management who is really responsible for them having a business in the first place. Cancel your paper subscriptions now and let them know the only reason you continue on line with them is Hawgs Illustrated. Clay, one day soon, may be able to buy the paper for a dollar and return the paper to the glory days of his father.


The act of writing the whole thing out every time makes the article hard to read. It is annoying and hard on the eyes. I guess the writers have also been told not refer to the team as “The Razorbacks” as well becasue that would solve the issue. Everywhere they write out “The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville” they could just insert “Hogs” or “Razorbacks” but they don’t.

Good post. I’m done. I’d been thinking for a while I might cancel my ADG on-line subscription, and this has finally pushed me over the edge. Going to continue with Hawgs Illustrated, though. I don’t blame the writers at HI, just the buffoonish management (or manager) of the ADG who instituted and continue to enforce this bizarre policy.

I can’t add any more than I’ve said before & can’t add to what’s been said on this thread and elsewhere about this stupid policy, so I’ll just add a thumbs up to the other posts

Great Post, Hurst…

I read the sports page every day and this deal pisses me off every time I read an article about the Hogs that has this stupid term typed in the article. The DemocratGazette is just a shell of the paper it was when it was the Arkansas Gazette. It is, however, the only game in town. I have read the Gazette since I was a young boy, but I am considering stopping my subscription. I am going to wait a few weeks to see if the paper stops this stupid, annoying policy and if they don’t I am going to stop my subscription.

In a dying industry, instituting a completely unnecessary policy which is insulting to many of its readers is weird, idiotic, and self defeating. I would appreciate it if they would stop this practice.

i dont like It, but I see it as a big fuss about nothing.


My thoughts exactly. It’s time for a serious rebellion!

One thing was made clear when all of this came about, was that the writers were NOT putting that verbiage in their articles. So Davenport, Murphy, et al are not writing the stories that way. Some news editor minion is inserting that garbage. Heck, it was even inserted into Clay’s article in today’s demozette. And I am completely sure that Clay did not write the article that way.

You can blame the writers all you want, but they are not responsible.

Whoever is responsible for the UAF is tone death and stupid.
Just plumb stupid.

The OP has a great point, we keep hearing “it comes from above.” We were even told “Its not Wally.” But we have NEVER been told who it is, or, given a why.

Why businesses think it is best to play secretive games with information is beyond me. Many times I may not like a decision a business I do business with has made, but if they at least tell their customers why they did something that is unpopular, it goes a long way to getting your customers to say “I don’t like it, but OK” instead of “I don’t like it and I am not doing business with you anymore.” It reminds me of when I have been waiting on a flight (airlines are a hot topic lately for some reason! :smiley: ). If they will tell me WHAT IS GOING ON, I still have to wait just as long, I still don’t like the wait, but it makes the wait a lot less stressful to be told “The flight crew scheduled for this flight is still in Omaha due to weather, as soon as they get here, we will get you on your way” instead of seeing your plane sitting there and not knowing why you can’t get on it. INFORMATION IS YOUR FRIEND!!! Even bad news that explains what is going on is 1000 times better than no information. Frankly, even though I have been told by writers here that the policy is NOT intended to be a slap at UofA since we have gotten NO INFORMATION about why this policy is in effect, I still think it IS a slap at UofA. If that isn’t the reason, then tell us what it is!!!

I know this is a small thing in the big scheme of things. But sometimes small things matter. I am very close to cancelling my subscription. i don’'t know what else to do, since complaining hasn’t gotten us anywhere (again, not even an explanation).

I didn’t write anything in today’s paper. I’m not sure what you are talking about – maybe Matt’s baseball story.

You are exactly right. It was Matt’s story, but my comment is still apropos.

Interesting that newspapers vigorously use freedom of information laws and fight against changes - but then can’t defend their own policy in the sunshine of an open forum.

Great point.

I can’t emphasize this enough - and perhaps some of you have - but you are going to have to write the editor of the newspaper if you want your voices heard on this. I am pretty sure he does not read this board.

Here is the letter to the editor form:

Or you can email me ( and I’ll forward it along.

On the topic (yes, my topic) of businesses not giving out information (especially when it is bad news) here is a classic situation that happened to me:

The Conway band goes to Disney World once ever 3 years. Five years ago it was my son’s turn. My wife and I went as chaperones. There are 5 or 6 buses full of kids. On the way back (and everyone is tired and more than a little cranky) the buses take an exit off the interstate, and start going down back roads, going only about 25 miles an hour. After 20 miles or so (hour of time) they pull off to the side of the road and stop. No announcement. No information. We are the lead chaperones on our bus. We are not told anything. Try to ask the bus driver, he won’t tell us anything. The kids and other parents are wondering what the heck is going on. People are really starting to get upset. We start up again. We stop. We start up again. We stop. Finally, several hours later, we meet another bus. It turns out one of the buses in our group was having transmission trouble. They unloaded the bad bus, loaded onto the new bus and off we go. At that point, everyone was “Oh, OK, that was the reason.” In the mean time, you had about 300 people who were mad, frustrated, etc. all because they didn’t want to tell us one of the buses was having mechanical trouble. WHY??? The whole situation would have been much easier to handle if they had just communicated.

Come on Dem-Gaz, COMMUNICATE!!!

Who is the “he” in question and is “he” the one that made this decision?

Frankly, I don’t think of writing a “Letter to the Editor” about this type of issue . Letters to the Editor are (in my experience) about trying to influence public opinion on issues (how you feel about the death penalty, etc.) not about a style decision of the paper. I strongly suspect that only one at the paper who reads the “Letters to the Editor” is the editor of the Editorial Page (who is not THE editor.) To me, that is like sending a letter to the check out clerk at Wal-Mart trying to get them to open more lines. Wrong person.

My educated guess is that it is not something that came out of a management meeting at ADG. I suspect it is some external influence from someone that is very influential in Arkansas that ADG does not want to fight.

As far as guys who write articles in ADG like RD, they are doing the right thing by not making a fuss of it. It is not like it is a social issue or a NRA type of issue that is worth fighting about and risking your job. I would rather have RD and others keep their job so I can enjoy their articles.