Demeanor of team

We had a chance to win this game. When you build your program on physicality and you can’t get in from the 1 yard line maybe demeanor isn’t the only issue. I love our coach but I know we aren’t as talented as the aggies. Sure we may have a good SEC D line with depth, but in the back 7 we don’t have enough speed. Oh well maybe we get lucky and win 7, we don’t have the horses to play in this league.

Lucky and win 7? Good Lord.

Actually one of the units where we seemed to have the advantage was in the secondary. The refs didn’t call interference against A&M on every one of our passes because they couldn’t call interference against A&M on every one of our passes.

Not scoring from inside the 1 yard line was big. The next big negative was giving up the long TD pass right after that. The cornerback (#2) should have made the tackle. I really thought he bailed on that play. I don’t remember seeing him play the rest of the game.

We have “the horses” to play in this league but not “the horses” to compete for a championship in this league. Never really have. Probably never really will. Too many programs that have more of everything. Hope I’m wrong but history has proven me right thus far since every year we run up against one or two of those programs about this time and get our annual reality check.

I think we will have a solid year and finish mid-pack and win a bowl game. That’s who we are.

…and the overreactions begin…

I don’t think these are overreactions. I think some are realistic. I think we were overrated and we could have easily gone into this game at 1-2. If LA Tech had not hit the upright on their field goal and if we did not block TCU’s field goal, we would have been looking at this loss to A&M as just another one in a down season. The rest of our SEC games are going to be tough without our offensive line doing a better job.

Not over reaction to the red zone failures that cost us a chance to be 4-0

So many chances lost and in this league you can’t afford to not convert

There are concerns - season isn’t over for sure

But we have to admit for once - the Aggies out “Arkansas” Arkansas in physical play

This team will need to address not the Bly the physical wounds but the confidence ones as well

Just remember - Coach Bret teams get better as the season continues

Your right far from over but lost opportunities bit us last night

And we got whipped on both sides of the ball in the trenches

Calling this an over reaction to the Razorbacks or coaches inability to finish from the 2 yard line, may be an over reaction on your part.

Maybe just an eye opener as to the talent that Chavis has to work with and his ability to scheme.

Sad part is, we may see the same type things 4 or 5 times in the remainder of the season.

There are some pretty salty D lines we will face in the remaining SEC games.

Failures by the Razorbacks inside the 5 yard line also shows BB’s stubbornness.

Stubbornness and ego on our coaching staff.
Sumlin causes our coach to seeth deeply, and
it allows the cagy Sumlin to get in his head and
brings out the ‘I’ll show you’ side where emotions
get in the way of flexible, smart play calling.
We were out coached in this game.

I hope we can get over this and finish strong,but
this stings a lot for our team and program overall.

I hope this doesn’t become a watershed reversal
of progress for our team and these coaches. We lost
more than just a game in this contest.

When two physical teams line up and go at it, some times the OTHER physical team wins the battle. It does not mean our physical team is not good enough to play in this league. It’s cliche, but football is at times a game of inches. Last night it was – several times.

I predicted A&M to win this game because of their D line. And that was the difference.

I also predicted fan meltdowns and overreactions after our loss, and I’m reading a lot of them – though not as many as in years past.

Finally, I predicted Arkansas would go on to win plenty of games after this loss. I expect to be proven right.

I think that’s the best A&M team we have seen since they joined the SEC. There’s no shame in losing to a good team in this league – it’s going to happen. It even happens to Alabama.

Two very good teams played last night. Arkansas is going to win a lot of games going forward.

Wait! We were 3-0? Wait! We beat TCU on the road?

It’s not stubbornness. It’s reality. He’s telling his team if you want to win a championship you have to be able to punch that in.

What happened last time we were 3-0? Just sayin. I’m not sensing the level of urgency from coach b that those of us that have been around the sec longer than he would expect. If that game proved anything it is the importance of momentum. That loss could sure prove to me more than 1 loss on the field. It is going to be a long two weeks before bama. Here’s to hoping he has a locker room tone with way more urgency than his press conference persona.