Demand from Arkansas seems to be high

I noticed yesterday when trying to secure tickets to the Classic that there were two options for all the teams except Arkansas. It said there was limited supply of Arkansas tickets. If Arkansas is such a small, poor state, how can there be so many making this expensive trip for 3 early season games. Sometimes, I think our state is vastly misrepresented.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there. We need to have some sort of a get together.


Wish I could afford to go, Jim. I’m sure y’all will represent.

I get to that point on the classic’s website that I can order two tickets in the Arkansas east bleachers but the durn thing won’t process my credit card. Tried couple of hundred times since yesterday afternoon, even in the middle of the night, to no avail

I hope to find some at some point. If not I’ll just enjoy enjoy Maui.

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The first time, while on the Tarmac, my credit card company rejected it and sent an email saying was that you. I clicked on yes, hit try again on the ticket site and it went right through. You might check that.

No way would they dare not let you in. Who else is going to keep up with dunks? Try the site this AM.

I’ll sneak in the building if I must.

Whoever recommended checking with credit card company, thanks so much!! I checked with the credit card company, the representative deleted my two hundred requests for tickets, and cleared me for one set of two tickets. So we’re good Gas!

Outside looking in for me.

Your welcome. Took me all afternoon to figure that one out.

Gas, you want me or Jim to order tickets for you and you can pay us back at the game?

I just got them. I’m in!

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Thanks for the offer, but got it figured out. See you guys there.

I am going. Can’t wait. Great team. Super field. Should be a blast.

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Good. Looking forward to seeing everybody there. They better have reinforced rims, because the Hogs will rip them down, especially if they learn that Gas is there taking notes!!

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Man I want to go so bad! But I’m stuck on call this year with partners plans set for that week messing me up!

I’d go but there is no trout fishing in their hills.

How much are the tix?

But there is good fishing there … and eating, too … especially at Mama’s Fish House


Mamas is booked solid thru December, so unless Clay has help in high places—he prefers streams at the bottom of hills as opposed to those high places—he might not be able to dine there should he trip to the Classic.

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